Exclusive First Play: Isaac Waddington Drops Track 2/5, ‘Let Me Into Your Heart’

Soul enthusiast, Isaac Waddington has just released his second single out of five, ‘Let Me Into Your Heart’.

The track is the follow-up single to his first track, ‘Make It Better’, which features the beautiful vocals of soul singer, Mathilda Homer.

Isaac Waddington – Make It Better

‘Let Me Into Your Heart’, offers a completely different style of music to track 1/5, making his project contain doses of soul, pop, RnB and jazz.

The five minute and four-second-long song is so vulnerable yet extremely captivating with lyrics including, “She’s my sweetheart, my darling, I feel warm inside… Your soul is a burning fire, it’s burning with desire…”

The track tells a love story about a person pleading to another to let them treat them in a way they’ve never been treated before.

The melody takes a contemporary ballad style of soul and is broken up with breath-taking piano interludes.

Isaac has acquired almost 85k followers on Instagram with his charismatic personality, day-to-day life videos, and an astonishing amount of coffee shop reviews (FYI he is up to review number 19). 

The three remaining tracks are set to be released over the next three weeks: ‘Loving You is Easy (Live)’, ‘Hit the Ceiling’, and ‘Time with You’.

So, track 2/5 has dropped and now we have three remaining. Are you just as excited for them as we are? Tweet us @CelebMix and let us know your thoughts!

Written by Jodi

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