EXCLUSIVE: Footballer Liam Fontaine Talks Releasing Debut Single ‘Life Lessons’

Liam Fontaine is best known for his skills on the football pitch as a professional player turning out for Scotland’s Ross County. But his talents and not limited to football and this week he shared his debut single ‘Life Lessons’ as he looks to branch out from the sporting world into the music industry.

Here we speak exclusively to Liam Fontaine to discuss his bold move into music, football, future plans and more:

So, what made you decide to pursue music alongside your football career?
5 years ago I suffered a bad injury which had a great effect on me both physically and mentally. Physically I had treatment and rehab but I was still struggling a bit mentally, so I decided to buy a guitar and teach myself how to play to provide me with a distraction away from football. It really helped me to get through that difficult period when I was injured. I caught the bug then I started playing the guitar every day, it’s a great way for me to switch off and focus on the music. After that I thought I’d try and write some songs. It really started from there – I started writing things down and come up with melodies etc. Music has always been massively influential in my life ever since I was a kid. I grew up listening to some great artists – my Dad use to play vinyls most days.  
When you were growing up was there always a battle between music and football, and which to pursue as a career?
No not at all. I have always just loved music and it’s been a big part of my childhood – there wasn’t a day that music wasn’t on in my household. 
How have your team mates reacted to your new career path?
All my team mates that have heard Life Lessons, and a couple of my other tracks I have done, absolutely buzz off of them. It’s hard to explain but I find it so satisfying seeing them enjoy what I created. 
When you hang up your boots can you see this as being your full time career?
I would love this release to just be heard and then of course, possibly become a platform for the future. My short term vision is just to see people listening and enjoying my music. I’ve never done a live performance to a big group, only to friends and family, so if I got the chance to  perform and see people singing my lyrics….well wow that would be amazing. 
Your debut single ‘Life Lessons’is out now, what can fans expect from that?
I remember writing it at a time when I had just been through another injury. It made me reflect and the lyrics on it are my thoughts that you really have to try and learn and take positives from all situations life may throw at you. The world is always there to help and I had great people around me during that time. Really I just want people to see that every situation is lesson in a way. So people can expect positivity and feel good vibes from it. 

How do you think the Ross County supporters will react to you releasing music?
Hopefully positively!  Everyone that’s heard it before the release has loved it.
What do you hope listeners take from the single?
I hope listeners take away from it that there are always lessons to be learnt from every situation. It can relate to literally any situation I believe. Once the emotion is out the way and you can think logically you can take the lesson and move on in a positive way. 
Do you have any plans to release an album?
I have plans to release an EP – but you don’t know what will happen from this release. I would love to get a deal obviously and get writing with some creative people and create an awesome album.
Looking ahead what are your long term career goals?
I’d love to travel and gig and release more music. But I’m aware at how hard it can be. I am a driven person and always want to succeed and be the best I can be at anything I turn my hand to – especially doing things I love. Music is definitely one of those things that I am hugely passionate about.
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