Exclusive: Fuller House’s John Brotherton spills on Season 2

Fuller House is coming back for a second season and we are counting down the days (41 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes and 5 seconds to be exact). The media has been reporting so many crazy things, our mind can’t take it! We went straight to the source, none other than John Brotherton aka Matt himself to get all the scoop on this new season.

Exclusive: Fuller House's John Brotherton spills on Season 2 1

Matt is now a series regular! Woo! What’s changed about your character since we last saw him?
“His relationship status on Facebook may be updated… ;)”

Growing up did you ever want to be a veterinarian?
“I never thought I’d become a veterinarian but I’ve always had pets and loved animals. Now my 6 year old daughter tells me she wants to be a vet though.”

We know it’s all hush hush, but what can you tell us about Kimmy’s brother Jimmy and Uncle Joey’s family that we’ll be meeting this season?
“Well I don’t want to ruin any surprises but I can say Jimmy is hilarious, definitely a Gibbler, and Joey’s family is as amazing and uniquely special as Joey…”

Exclusive: Fuller House's John spills on Season 2 3

The media has reported this season has a bunch of holiday episodes. Did you have a favorite to film?
“Thanksgiving… for reasons I cannot say (wink, wink)”

Is there an episode or scene from season one that was your favorite?
“I love them all but the Bollywood experience was pretty priceless.”


What is a typical day on set like?

“Lots of laughs. Lots of love. Professional artists, cast and crew, working hard to deliver the best show possible. Teamwork. Encouraging and Inspiring. Lots of dancing, giggling and obligatory selfies. Kinda the best place on earth. Neverland.”

You have some cute kiddos yourself, do they have any interest in acting?
“They are a bit young to really understand the whole thing but they love coming to set. Mostly because of the rainbow colored snacks at craft services.”

Exclusive: Fuller House's John spills on Season 2 1

Is working for Netflix any different compared to a typical network?
“It’s amazing to be attached to a network that is as cutting edge and trend setting as Netflix. It feels pretty cool to be a part of what they are doing. The whole experience with Netflix, Warner Brothers and the entire Fuller House team has been a dream come true.”

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