EXCLUSIVE: Gavin Koolmon of Disciples talks ‘No Ties’

London trio Disciples have kicked off their 2019 with the release of groovy new single No Ties. The track sees the trio doing what they do best; creating an upbeat, club-worthy anthem which will be no doubt making appearances across dancefloors worldwide. We spoke to Gavin Koolmon about the track, their relentless touring and much more!

Hey guys, how are you today?

Wonderful, thanks!

Can you sum up Disciples in five words?

Crazy, confused, eclectic, vibalicious and rogue.

You just released your first track of the year No Ties, can you tell readers a little bit more about it?

‘No Ties’ is us three going back to our roots and just having fun in the studio. That old school bass-driven sound is something that comes very natural to us when we work together. It’s in our DNA.

Your collaboration with Calvin Harris on How Deep Is Your Love went global, how did such an exciting collaboration come about?

After we released They Don’t Know we were in contact with Calv and just started sending some ideas back and forth, not really expecting anything to come of it. We sent him How Deep Is Your Love as a demo and he loved it, so we worked on it together for a month and within three months it was out. It was a crazy time.

Later this year you’re heading out to Ibiza to play Ushuaïa with Calvin Harris, what can fans expect from your set?

Lots of bass, lots of rhythm and even more tequila. Come and join us!

You’ve got a busy summer of shows coming up alongside Ibiza you’ll be in Croatia for Hideout, Belgium for Tomorrowland and not forgetting London for SW4 amongst others, where are you looking forward to playing most? 

SW4 is always a special one for us because we are South London boys and it is based in Clapham so all of our friends and family come down to party with us! It’s a great way to end the summer.

As a band, you’ve done things entirely alone including production and vocals but also teamed up with other artists to produce funky, memorable tracks. Who else would you love to work with on a track?

I mean there are so many… Dr. Dre, Jamie Jones, the list is endless.

Where would you love to hear your music being played?

To be honest, having How Deep Is Your Love do so well globally, we’ve seen our music played everywhere from Thailand to Iceland, which is insane still to this day. I’m not sure what more we can ask for! We just have to keep putting out quality music and hope people enjoy it as much as we do.

What’s been the craziest moment of your career so far?

Performing How Deep Is Your Love on Jimmy Fallon with Calvin and Ina. It’s one of the most watched prime time TV shows in the US and it was at the end of a mind-blowing six months of ‘How Deep’ being released. It was a very special moment for us.

For any readers who might be thinking ‘hey, I’d love to try my hand at getting into the music industry’ what tips would you share with them which you’ve learnt from your own journey?
Work hard and don’t let any failures along the way stop you, because everyone who has been successful in this game has failed a million times. It’s all a learning curve that will help and prepare you in the long run. And also make music that you love!

Where do you see yourself in five years time? With a Disciples album released? 

I would have thought so yes… and possibly living on a mountain in Tibet.

Aside from a whole lot of touring, what’s next on the cards this year?

A lot of exciting music to be released so expect to see our faces everywhere!

No Ties is out now. Keep up to date with Disciples via their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website and YouTube.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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