EXCLUSIVE: George Shelley Talks New Single ‘Technicolour’, Coming Out, and Dealing With Grief

George Shelley is back with a new sound, new attitude and new outlook on life. Coming out as gay has really changed Shelley’s life and he is now ready to share his new self with the public; “I am out and I am proud” George states with a hint of pride and happiness in his voice.

In an open admission about his own struggles with sexuality, the singer opens up saying: “I was scared for a long time, terrified of coming out. But when I did everyone was just like ‘yeah’. To anyone struggling don’t worry about the people up the street or the horrible people online. Don’t be scared we need people to come out and be brave” .     

His new single ‘Technicolour’ is a celebration of love and happiness and marks a new mindset for George. Making the track was a long process; “I spent 6 months with the blinds down”. The song was put on the back burner several times due to Shelley’s struggles with depression due the devastating loss of his little sister Harriet coupled with the pain of hiding his sexuality from the world; “I put my life on hold, music, Capital FM everything on hold and put the breaks on my life. 6 months later ‘Technicolour’ came on shuffle and I was like Woh’ this chorus came to me. It clicked and it feels like it was sent from heaven”   

The sound of the new single from the former Union J member is different and this was a conscious decision from the 24-year-old. Laughing he states: “It’s a little gay, and there’s a lot of sass. I wanted it to be a bit gay, and be me and to be who I was and am. I produced it with my friend Alex and it’s completely me. I’m hitting these notes, screaming out the lyrics from my tummy. I’m not just reading words off a lyric sheet. The lyrics come from my heart You’ve not heard this before.it’s a message from my heart.  

George is also hoping the song helps people, and isn’t really concerned with streaming numbers or chart success: “I’m not bothered about how many views or streams. It’s helping me get better and I hope it helps others struggling with their sexuality and mental health. It means something to me and I feel a connection and pure elation when performing it. The reaction so far has been crazy”



We can also expect a music video for the track soon; “I have three treatments, competently different to anything I have ever done and completely different from each other. I’m not posing and it’s not what you’ve seen before. I have full creative control” 

Along with the release of his new single ‘Technicolour’ George Shelley has also recently taken part in a new BBC 3 documentary which sees him opening up about his struggles with bereavement and depression; “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. I talk about bereavement and losing my sister and they also filmed more content of my life which takes me back to my X Factor days and the [I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here] jungle. It was therapy for me to speak to people who understand how grief works, it helped me get through and I am forever thankful to the BBC 3, they kept me strong”.  

Now one year on from the devastating loss of his beloved and much missed sister Harriet, George Shelley is ready to face the world with new music and ‘Technicolour‘ is just the start; “I spent a lot of time in my bedroom learning how to produce my own music, watching YouTube videos and I now have a collection of songs- an albums worth. There are some uptempo tracks but because of my mindset back then there are a few darker ones. I’m looking to release three new singles before the end of the year with maybe an EP being released before the end of the year with the four songs and hopefully an album next year”.

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