Exclusive: Girl Meets World’s Ava Kolker talks Season 3

We LOVE “Girl Meets World”! It’s filled with nostalgia, morals and one little girl who is known to steal scenes. We got to chat with the adorable and talented Ava Kolker on the show’s third season and if she’d be up for a spin-off of her own!

We have already seen that season 3 of Girl Meets World brings a lot of new storylines. What’s Ava been up to? Our hearts shattered last season when your character reveled her father left. Why do you think it was important for the show to share that story?
“Yes, season 3 is very different in terms of dept of characters. I think it made people relate to Ave more. She isn’t just spoiled and bossy, she is sensitive and can get hurt too. I also think it was nice for Ava to bond with Maya’s character for once in a true real way.”

Do you think Auggie and Ava could have a spin-off show in the future?.
“I think that would be amazing. It would be so great to see them grow up together. They have such great chemistry on TV”

What is your typical day on set like?
“i get up very early, get to set by 8 am, then we typically do school and a couple of scenes, then back to school. We break for lunch, and do rehearsal or run through, depending on the day. Then, once a week my favorite part is the live audience night. We perform on stage and meet our fans.”

If you could be on any other Disney Channel show, which would it be?
“Austin and Ally, but it’s over now. I also love Liv & Maddie.”

You’re also a singer. Who are your favorite artists?
“Sabrina Carpenter of course, R5, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry”

Tell us about your new movie Message from the King.
“It’s completely the opposite of Girl Meets World. I play the daughter of Teresa Palmer who is a struggling single mom, my name is Boot and we live in the underground dark side of Los Angeles. It is a very dark movie, a thriller, and my role is very emotional. The movie is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in September, so I am very excited to see if even though I know some scenes will be tough.”

You just modeled your second LA Fashion Week! Is there a dream brand you’d like to model for?
“I am still learning about fashion and brands but I have already been so happy to model for the brands I did represent. I know I will be modeling for Lil Jewels again for the upcoming LA Fashion Week in October and we will see who else I get to work with.”

What would you like to accomplish in the future?
“I love to continue to be challenged in different roles, and explore all areas of acting. I am working on a horror movie now, and love to stretch as an actor to see what else I can do. As long as I can continue to work as an actor and grow as a person, I will be happy.”

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(Featured image credit to Tammie Ter-Veen)

Written by CelebMix