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EXCLUSIVE: Hope Vista talks new single ‘Skin & Bones’ and forthcoming autobiography

Hope Vista is best known as the fierce lead vocalist of alt-rock band VISTA, who have been slaying the music scene with their electrifying tours, incredible support slots, and bundles of new music including latest track ‘Born For Blood’ and ‘Witch Hunt’, their most successful single to date.

Whilst VISTA are busy working on new music, Hope is taking the opportunity to share a solo song she has been working on, called ‘Skin & Bones’. Marking her first solo release in three years, Hope has delivered a striking offering which is both stripped back yet incredibly powerful.

Alongside unveiling a new solo single, Hope has also announced that she will be releasing her autobiography PREVAIL: Finding Normal on January 8, 2019. The autobiography is set to be an extremely personal and raw account of Hope’s life to date, with the multi-talented artist opening up about some of her most significant moments, which were once lost in trauma.

We recently caught up with Hope to discuss ‘Skin & Bones’, her forthcoming autobiography, VISTA’s future plans and much more.

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You’ve just released a new solo single called ‘Skin & Bones’. How are you feeling about your first solo release in three years?

Weird. I didn’t expect to release anything on my own again; I’ve been completely engulfed in VISTA, and I like it that way. But I’m really looking forward to having people hear this track.

We’ve had a listen to the track, and it’s a stripped back yet beautifully powerful offering. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

Thank you! I’m glad you think so. It was rather simplistic; I wrote this in the fall during a time where everything around me was just kind of crumbling, a domino effect. It triggered a lot of feelings of worthlessness and defeat, so I took those feelings and wrote them into this track.

What was the creative process like? How long did it take to form from a concept into the final song?

Very straight forward; the instrumental was pieced together in about an hour or two, and I wrote the lyrics and melody simultaneously.

What’s your most stand out lyric from the song?

Something very simple, but the line “what do I have left to offer?” sums up the overall mood of the song.

‘Skin & Bones’ is very different from your band VISTA’s material and your previous solo material. How do you think you’ve grown as an artist since you first began in music?

I have more studio experience now. I know how to express what I want to hear and what I’m hearing in my head. When I was recording my last solo EP “PREVAIL,” it was very difficult for me to put into words what I wanted production-wise. Now with a few records under my belt, I can confidently walk into a studio with experience. I always strive to write something better than I did before.

‘Skin & Bones’ is a standalone song that you’re releasing whilst VISTA are busy writing new material, however, what do you hope that your fans will take away from the song?

I like the contrast of pairing complex emotions with minimal production, which is what I did with this track, and I hope listeners can clearly see that distinction. I always want listeners to be able to feel what I’m singing; I hope it’s palpable here.

You’ve also just announced that you will be releasing an autobiography in January titled PREVAIL: Finding Normal. Why did you decide to write an autobiography and why is now the right time for it to be released?

VISTA is kind of in a gray area right now with work, meaning we’re not releasing music any time soon and we’re not on the road. We’re always working, but my bandmate is currently away and I need to always be doing something, so I put my energy into this until he gets home. I’ve been writing this book for a year and a half, but have been so busy that I really didn’t get the chance to sit down and make it my focus until now. I think writing this was just something I needed for my psyche.

hope vista
Hope Vista

You’ve been through a lot during your life, so recapping it all for an autobiography must have been tough. Did you find it particularly difficult or were there therapeutic elements to it?

A good combination of both. I originally started writing it specifically as a means of personal therapy, but as I continued writing, I found that there were a lot of pieces I couldn’t remember, particularly moments in trauma. The goal for the book ended up evolving into an effort to try and remember those lost pieces. That part of it was hard; there was a lot more forgotten than I anticipated, but I put together what I could and think I was still able to paint a clear and vivid picture.

Ahead of the book’s release, how would you describe it in five words?

Raw. Unfiltered. Weird. Upfront. Descriptive.

In addition to writing your book and being in VISTA, you’re also a publicist. How do you manage to balance everything?

Honestly, I don’t have an off button. Working is a way for me to cope with anxiety, so I like to work. I don’t like to shut off; my brain needs to be in motion for me to be in a state of relaxation, which is a total oxymoron. But I love to work late at night, during the day, on holidays; I’m always working. Sometimes I forget that most people don’t work on holidays or at 3 AM, so I have to force myself to turn off, but I really do enjoy working.

2018 has been a huge year for you. What’s been your personal highlight?

Definitely the shows we played with Set It Off. We really had an amazing experience. I always enjoy getting to bring our music to new ears, but what’s really awesome is getting the chance to personally connect with those people. We got to do both with those shows, so overall that just made for my highlight of 2018.

What are your plans and goals for 2019?

Goals are to get out on the road again and release some more music with VISTA. We really don’t have a concrete plan yet because we’ve just been writing!

Thank you to Hope Vista for her time. Make sure you keep up to date with her via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

‘Skin & Bones’ is out now, whilst Hope’s autobiography PREVAIL: Finding Normal will be released on January 8, 2019.

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