Adam French Photo Credit: Jake W Alldread
Photo Credit: Jake W Alldread

Exclusive Interview: Adam French Chats About ‘Slow Dancing’

Singer-songwriter Adam French has captivated both viewers and listeners once again after the release of his ‘Slow Dancing’ music video. As the track and video both hold meaning to French’s career, they begin to provide insight into the singer’s next chapter. He gives his fans quite the visual experience while still focusing on the track and its message. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, French opens up about ‘Slow Dancing,’ its music video and more.

What can you tell us about your latest single “Slow Dancing” and the inspiration behind it? 

It’s a song about second chances, resetting the clock on a relationship and giving each other the chance to care again.

You created a life-size wax figure of yourself for the “Slow Dancing” video. How did that idea come about and how was it to film the music video for that track? 

We had an incredible team for that shoot, the sculptors flew in from Istanbul especially to make the candle and sculpt me. I really enjoyed working with them. Alex, the director, is the man behind the candle really. We were throwing ideas around about portraying self destruction and self sabotage, second chances and re-runs, etc. He’s a very talented guy and the whole thing came together really easily once we got chatting.

You’ve released quite a few cover songs. What artists have inspired you and your music? 

Yeah! I enjoy reworking other people’s music, especially songs that mean something to me in terms of nostalgia. ‘The Rat’ soundtracked my youth, and ‘No Cigar’ soundtracked my childhood via the Tony Hawk games.

If you could collaborate with any artist or band right now, who would it be and why? Are there any artists you have been listening to a lot recently? 

Hans Zimmer, Ludovico Einaudi… every time. I listen to all sorts of music, a lot of Nils Frahm recently though. Good for the mind and soul.

It’s been a busy year for you with the release of your album, The Back Foot and The Rapture, and touring across Europe. What has been a highlight of your career thus far?

I love touring, but obviously putting out an album is a pretty big highlight in itself. [That was] a large milestone for me [and] the reaction was a very pleasant thing to witness.

What can fans look forward to in the near or distant future?

More music, plenty of twists and turns. Just more in general I guess. I’ll be touring again at the end of the year into early next year. Do come and say hello!


Listen to ‘Slow Dancing’ here.

Watch the music video here.

Thank you, Adam French, for taking the time to speak with CelebMix.

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