Exclusive: Interview with Aidan Black

Introducing a new indie artist from London, named Aidan Black. CelebMix were lucky to get an exclusive interview with him.

CM: Hi Aidan, welcome to CelebMix.
Aidan Black: Hey Sana, I’m glad to be here.

CM: Aidan, could you give us a little introduction?
AB: Hello everyone, I’m Aidan Black, I am a producer/songwriter from London, England and I am 27 y/o.

CM: What brought you into music industry? Which music genre is your favorite?
AB: I first knew I wanted to be in the music industry when I saw Travis Barker playing drums for Blink 182 and I was like “I want to do that!”. As for musical genres, I think there is something to be appreciated about just about every genre but I really love the diversity of influences that you can bring to the EDM space.

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CM: Your biggest inspiration and favorite music artists.

Kate Bush

AB: My biggest inspiration would maybe be Kate Bush, she self-produced her albums and created a body of work that continues to influence the music we hear today.

At the moment, I’m loving what Kygo’s doing and Zedd is obviously killing it but on a Sunday morning, I dig out my record player and get Billie Holiday or Miles Davies playing.

CM: Kate Bush is an impressive choice indeed! Aidan, tell us about ‘BLOOM’.
AB: BLOOM is the EP I’m working towards, a lot of artists will keep the pre work towards a release quiet but I want to share the experience with people because it’s my favourite bit of the process. It’s following the decision to focus on my own project so there’s a theme of trusting yourself and pushing yourself.

Before it comes out, however, I will be releasing a single called “Hold On Me”.

CM: Well, that is exciting news. Tell us about your new upcoming single, ‘Hold On Me’.
AB: So the upcoming single will be called “Hold on me” it will be coming out in about 2 weeks and will have “All your love” as a B side.

CM: I have heard your song ‘Already Mine’ and  I liked it. Tell us more about it. 
AB: Already Mine was a really early song I wrote with the BLOOM EP in mind and it’s based on a friend of mine who is really cool and confident and I have no idea how he does it cos I’m really awkward!

CM: Any upcoming projects and future plans?
AB: My main Focus is the single and the BLOOM EP following but I’m hoping to announce some awesome remixes shortly!

CM: Are you an independent musician or signed with any record label?
AB: I’m completely independent at the moment and I run my own Label.

CM: With whom you would like to do a music collaboration?
AB: I actually recently named Alex Metric as someone I’d love to work with but I love to bring influences in from other genres so working with someone like “Chvrches” or “The 1975” would be awesome.

CM: Are you planning on touring soon?
AB: I’ve just done a few shows so I’m back in the studio writing at the moment but keep an eye on my twitter.

CM: Any message/greetings for the readers.
AB: You are all awesome!!!!

You can follow Aidan Black on:

We wish you success and good luck for future.
 It was lovely chatting with you, Aidan.
Keep creating awesome music!
We’re looking forward to your single, ‘Hold On Me’.

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Written by Sana Parvayz

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