EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alice Pisano chats to CelebMix on debut single, ‘Celebrate Life’

Following the release of her debut single ‘Celebrate Life’, CelebMix got to sit down exclusively with Alice Pisano to talk about the debut single, her musical career so far and what to expect from the Italian singer-songwriter in the future

How are you finding the response to your debut single, ‘Celebrate Life’?

Alice: I’m really happy with the response to ‘Celebrate Life’. Being an independent artist, the reaction was better than I expected. The single is being added to official Spotify playlists so that’s cool!

You’re from Italy but now reside in London. What was your first initial reaction when you landed in London to pursue a musical career?

Alice: London has great energy, I’m from quite a small town in Italy so it’s a big change! Also, London is full of talented people so it’s great to move somewhere like that.

What was the process of writing ‘Celebrate Life’?

Alice: I wrote it on the piano, how I write most my songs and I’ve played the piano since I was 6, mainly writing classical music. I wrote the melody first, then the lyrics.

Was ‘Celebrate Life’ the first song you’ve written? Why did you to choose it to be your debut single?

Alice: It wasn’t, no – I’ve been writing for about 5 years now. ‘Celebrate Life’ had a special connection to me and it always gets a great reaction when I perform it live. People really resonated with it so I knew it had to be my debut single. 

You’ve also recently released an accompanying music video for ‘Celebrate Life’, what was it like shooting the music video?

Alice: It was really fun, my parts were filmed in Milan. The music video really captured people celebrating life, in all different ways and that’s exactly what I wanted.

Celebrate Life’ is a part of BBC Introducing and has been played on the radio, what was your reaction when you first heard YOUR song on the radio?

Alice: Unfortunately, I was out and didn’t hear it, I did get an e-mail about it being played. One of my friends heard it on the radio, they phoned me and we were freaking out. I celebrated its airplay with a bunch of my friends, which was nice.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Alice: I have LOADS of musical inspirations! I’m a huge fan of classical music but also like Fleetwood Mac and artists like Coldplay and Passenger. When I was 14, going through a heartbreak phase, I listened to lots of hard rock including Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC. 

Who would you like to collaborate with musically?

Alice: Chris Martin – definitely! I would like to collaborate also with Jack Savoretti, he’s half-Italian which is cool.

You’re playing a show in London on 23rd November, how do you find performing songs live?

Alice: I’ve been playing live for a while now since I was 14. In High School, I was in a band and then became a solo artist. Even though I’ve been performing live for a while, I still get nervous. However, once I’m on stage, it’s all good! 

For people who haven’t heard ‘Celebrate Life’, describe the single in one word?

Alice: Warming! I hope people feel like that when they hear the single.

What is your favourite way to ‘Celebrate Life’?

Alice: Sometimes by staying at home with a cup of tea, going on nature walks or being out with friends. It really depends on the moment in time.

Christmas season is vastly approaching, what is your favourite festive song?

Alice: It would have to be, ‘Fairytale of New York’ by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl. It’s so different from the classics and I just love it. I would love to do Christmas music one year, I love the Christmas season.

What can our readers expect from you in the future?

Alice: I will have more new music out soon! I have a new single out in January and hopefully, people will resonate with that single as well.

As her debut single is gaining vast critical acclaim, we’re certain this is only the beginning of what will be a successful music career for Alice Pisano. With her next single being released early 2019, it won’t be long before we get more new music from Alice Pisano too.

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Alice Pisano’s debut single, ‘Celebrate Life’ is out now

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