Exclusive: Interview with Blonde Electra

Blonde Electra may be known from their stint on the UK’s X-Factor but they are more than what you’ve seen. The eclectic duo are pop flair wrapped into the perfect dance bow. CelebMix chatted with the perfect duo about who they are now, who they want to be, and everything in between.


You have such an interesting backstory, did you ever expect to become musicians?
(Ruby)  Our dad introduced us to music when we were 2 years old and formed a Christian band so we’ve literally been singing ever since we can remember. We performed all over the world from schools and churches to hospitals and even prisons, it’s really hard to think of a place we haven’t sung.

What made you want to become artists? Any particular inspiration for it?
(Jazzy) in 1999, our dad took us to the States in hopes of getting us signed to a major record company. We were offered a 4 million dollar record deal from Sony ATV but at the last minute, our dad turned it down. Even though we were both only 6 and 8 we knew that this was a huge opportunity at the time and I remember feeling very disappointed. That was the point we both realised that there wasn’t anything else that we wanted to do more than sing professionally.

Where did the name Blonde Electra come from?
(Jazzy) We chose the word ‘Blonde’ because it represents a stereotype. Blondes are judged based on their blonde hair. They are typically looked at as sex symbols and are considered uneducated. We’ve been stereotyped our whole lives based on our appearance, some people have said “They’re too crazy. They’re too bold with their appearance” so we wanted to represent those people who are judged on how they look/dress and to take that negativity and turn it into something awesome.

How would you describe your music?
(Jazzy) Our favourite person in the world is our aunt Cher. She’s a true pop icon and has always been such a big inspiration to us. She also doesn’t give a f***. She’s the real deal when it comes to empowering women. We love you, Cher!

You’ve collaborated with a lot of artists, who has been your favorite to work with?
(Ruby) If Justin Bieber and Katy Perry got together and had a baby it would be Blonde Electra! We wrote and produced the whole album ’Pop Tart’ ourselves. When people hear our music we want to make them feel good, forget the world and Dance.

You’ve done X-Factor, what was that experience like?
(Jazzy) ‘The XFactor was absolutely cray cray but we loved it! Unfortunately, we were dealing with a lot of personal issues within our own family and Cher’s son, Elijah Blue Allman. He tried to sue us for $1.000.000 while we were on the show and that was really scary! This is actually something we never talked about to journalists so you guys heard it here first.’ ;)


Tell us about your first single “Radio”
(Ruby) ’’Radio’’ is the 1st song Ruby and I wrote together. It’s all about summer, fun, dance and love.

What was your favorite part of making the music video?
(Jazzy) Those 2 days were probably the most manic we’ve ever been. We actually shot the video here in London. The music video themed ‘’American House Party’’ so we invited all our friends to be in the video. We needed a lot of people so Jazzy and I even invited 3 ex-boyfriends! Totes awks!

What can we expect from your forthcoming album “Pop Tart”

(Ruby) All of our songs come from the heart which is why a lot of them end up being about boys. One of our favourite quotes is by the late ‘’Carrie Fisher’’ and she said ‘’Take your broken heart and turn it into art’’, so that’s what we did.

What would you love fans to know about you?
(Ruby) We are British! Most people think we are American because of our accents but that simply isn’t true. We love our fans! They are so eccentric and crazy and they come out to see us perform all over the world and we are so grateful to them. Thank you guys we love you!

What can we expect next?
(Jazzy) After our 1st single launch on the 14th of April We start touring in 2 weeks all over the UK. We’re super excited. Were also shooting our 2nd music video for our second single ‘’Lets Touch’ in 2 weeks which is coming out end of May.

If you want to find out more about Blonde Electra, you can head to their website here.

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.