EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Bronnie On Supporting Little Mix Amongst Others

Bronnie promised that 2017 will be her biggest year yet, but we never expected all the announcements she has already made. With a touring schedule that we can barely keep up with, her year is bound to be chaotic, and it’s only the start.

Her biggest announcement, so far, was revealing that she will be a special guest support act at Little Mix’s headline Wirral Live show. Other announcements included supporting Harvey on his live tour, as well as supporting Road Trip on their Miss Taken EP tour.

If you haven’t heard of her yet, check out our Artist 101 article on her. She’s released three songs so far “Modern Day Christmas“, “High School Sucks“, and “Scared Much“. She’s constantly releasing original songs and cover versions on her YouTube Channel.

Bronnie recently performed at her co-headline gig, with Will Homewood, in Birmingham, last Saturday. Check out how it all went with our gig review.

Luckily, for CelebMix, Bronnie found some time to chat with us about supporting Little Mix, Harvey and Road Trip; what her co-headline gig was like; what the reaction from her fans have been like; and what else is to come.

Hey Bronnie, how was your co-headline gig with Will Homewood?

It was ace! We had such a good time, the crowd were awesome and I can’t believe we had fans travelling from Newcastle, Preston, Leeds, London, Taunton, and beyond. Everyone was so supportive I had a lot of fun. We are so lucky having such amazing fans.

It’s the start of a lot of touring, how are you preparing for your next events?

Well, it’s going to be really cool to tour with Harvey this month. We performed together in Glasgow when he made an impromptu performance at the Alstar Xmas Party Tour, that I was playing on. He’s got such an awesome voice and he’s a really nice genuine guy so I’m excited to do this. My preparation is simple…..go and see Green Day rock it out in Manchester on Monday, then rehearse my set all week!

The biggest announcement so far was that you’ll be supporting Little Mix on 21st May at Tranmere Rovers Stadium for Wirral Live. Tell us more about this, how did it come about?

Some of my fans had suggested on social media that having Little Mix and I play at the same show would work really well. A radio station picked up on the idea and started talking about it too. Then the guys at Wirral Live, who are running the weekend’s music events at Tranmere Rovers, got in touch and asked if I’d like to be considered, so obviously, I was flattered. Little Mix have the final say on stuff like this, so, they and their team had to hear my music and they liked what they heard, so I got the call to say I’d be announced.

What were you feeling when this news came your way?

I’m not ashamed to say that I cried with happiness when the news came through. I admire what Little Mix have achieved on a global basis in recent years as a British all-female act and I can’t wait to play on the same bill as them.

What’s your favourite Little Mix Glory Days song?

Touch is an awesome song so I want to see [the girls perform it]. The video is cool.

Do you think you’ll get nervous on the day? What’s your tips and tricks for battling nerves?

I will get some nerves but I see that as a positive. I tend to use nervous energy to my advantage and rock out!

There’s been a massive reaction amongst your fans about this, what has it been like?

My fans are so happy to see me growing as an artist. Some of them have been around for a few years now and they can feel the fandom growing as well as more and more cool things happening. I’ve had over 2,000 direct messages on social media about the Little Mix announcement alone. People are so nice to me, I feel blessed.

You’ve got three months until this date, how are you going to prepare for it?

Well, I have the Harvey tour in February and a show in London at the O2 in Islington. In March, I go out on tour with Road Trip to do ten or more dates around the UK and Ireland, and I have other dates to announce soon for April and early May; so, I actually only have one weekend off between now and the Little Mix concert. I’m also going back into the studio to record another track for my forthcoming EP so we will be non-stop now.

Little Mix wasn’t the only announcement, you announced that you’ll be the support act on Road Trip’s Miss Taken EP tour, and Harvey’s support act on his tour, how did they both come about?

I toured with Road Trip in December as we shared the bill with Josh Taylor and others at the Alstar Xmas Tour, and we all got on really well and they liked my edgy pop-punk vibe. The promoter (Alstar) and the band’s manager, Blair, asked me if I would support them on the tour. They are really energetic and talented lads, totally dedicated to their music and I like to be around people like that, on tour.

I played at one gig in Glasgow with Harvey and we got a call a few weeks ago asking if I would be a special guest support on his tour. I was so happy to be asked, he’s got an amazing voice and he’s someone I admire as an artist in terms of how he communicates really well with his fan base on social media.

What do you make of Road Trip’s other support act Josh Gray?

It’s really cool that Josh Gray is joining us on tour and I think it’s exciting that he’s pushing on with his solo career post Hometown. I met him in Liverpool a few years ago when he was just starting out with Hometown and we chat from time to time but it will be nice to tour with him for the first time.

Is there any specific date you’re most excited about?

I love all the cities we are visiting and always get a lovely reception from fans but I must admit, I’m looking forward to playing in Liverpool again. Your hometown is always special, I think.

You’ve also got the Walwin support gig, in London, to go to.

The London gig with Walwin should be awesome. He’s such a talented pop-rock artist and I know we will both be looking to put on a high-energy pop-punk show! I’ve not played the O2 before so that will be fun.

Are there more announcements to come? There’s always more to announce, right? This is only the beginning…

There are, but for now, my lips are sealed, Jonathan! But I promise CelebMix will get an early call with the details!

For the Road Trip fans, the Harvey fans, the Walwin fans, and the Little Mix fans, who may not have heard of you, do you have a special message for them?

I’d just say that they can watch my videos on my YouTube Channel or listen to my three singles, “Modern Day Christmas“, “High School Sucks” and “Scared Much” on iTunes, Spotify, etc. And if they are coming to the gigs with the attitude of wanting to have fun, I will be rocking out and giving it my all, as ever.

The Harvey and Road Trip gigs were all organised by Alstar Music. What is it like working with them? They previously organised the Josh Taylor “Hot For Me” Tour and the Alstar Xmas Party Tour, which you were also a part of.

Alstar are awesome promoters, very very professional and brilliant with all the artist’s fans. The fact that it’s run by someone who has been involved in the music industry – Spike from 911 – sold a lot of records, and toured the world means that as an organisation they are very artist focused. I think we will be working on other projects going forward.

Thank you, Bronnie, on the exclusive interview. You’ve got a busy schedule for the next few months, but we know you’ll rock out on stage and perform with all that you’ve got, just like you did last Saturday.

Make sure you get your tickets for her upcoming shows. You can catch her on Walwin’s headline tour – London; Harvey’s Live Tour 2017 – Glasgow, Manchester, London (sold out); RoadTrip’s Miss Taken EP Tour 2017 – Manchester, Liverpool, London, Bristol, Glasgow; and at Little Mix’s Wirral Live headline gig as special guest support.

Will you be seeing Bronnie at any of the above tours? How excited are you? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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