EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brooke Moriber Talks About Music Video “The Last Goodbye”

On July 5, 2018, Brooke Moriber dropped her music video to the song “The Last Goodbye”. The song is taken from her debut EP Here And Gone which she released last year. More new music has been confirmed to be on its way.

Brooke Moriber is a New York-based singer-songwriter and Broadway actress. She’s had critical acclaim both through the music she has released and the musicals she has been in on Broadway. Her powerful voice just blew us away the first time we heard her tracks, and she is definitely destined for success.

Her most recent music video drew us in the first time we saw it. “The Last Goodbye” showcases quite the story and it intrigued us from the get-go. It’s certainly one of those music videos you watch over and over again.

We managed to interview this rising singer-songwriter where we talked about her music video for “The Last Goodbye”, her EP Here And Gone, her collaborative single with Sky Katz titled “For The Gold”, and what else we can expect from Brooke Moriber. Here are her answers.

Hi Brooke, how are you today?

I’m well, thanks for asking!

What have you been up to lately?

Making lots of new music! I have my full album “Cry Like A Girl” coming out in the fall. I just finished recording and I’m super excited to release it.

You recently released the music video for “The Last Goodbye”, what was that like to film?

It was one of the most intense music video shoots I have ever been on. Lots of drama going on in those scenes. It was really nice to be able to use my acting training and combine it with my music.

Can you tell us more about the song?

The song is an empowering pop break-up ballad. It’s about finding the courage it takes to walk away from a toxic relationship and never look back.

How does it relate to the music video?

The video tells the story of a young couple whose relationship has become mentally abusive. The song itself can be interpreted as an anthem to breaking free from anything that has become addictive and toxic in one’s life. This is just one example of that.

It was directed by Tom Flynn, what was he like to work with?

It was an absolute joy to work with Tom. We had a lot of fun coming up with the concept together. When I originally composed the song I was visualizing a very cinematic atmosphere and he caught that perfectly. He’s very organized, hands-on, and really listens to what the artist wants.

Will Taylor plays your on-screen love interest, what was it like filming scenes alongside him?

It was so important to me that we hire a great actor to play Will’s role. I wanted everything in this video to be believable. Will’s talent and dedication to the scene work made my job easy. Acting truly is reacting and he gave me so much to work with. It felt more like we were on a film set than making a music video.   

The song is taken from your 2017 EP “Here And Gone”. Can you tell us about your debut EP?

This was produced by the amazing Fred Mollin (who is also producing my upcoming album). Working on this EP was a real discovery process for me as an artist. He steered me away from the synth-pop vibe I usually write towards. We went for a very organic approach, with live musicians and some small electronic additions to give it a sort of pop / Americana vibe.

Is there more new music on the way?

So much more!

On July 27, I am releasing a song separate from my EP and the album, called “Hello Happy”. It’s a great song for the summer. I have been writing so much lately that I have to be careful not to release too much at once. It’s a good problem. I’ll take that over writer’s block any day!

At the start of this year, you dropped “For The Gold” with Sky Katz. What is this song about?

This is a song about going full speed ahead for your dreams with no hesitations. It’s a musical kick in the butt to just go for it and not let yourself get in your own way.

How did the collaboration come about, and what was Sky Katz like to work with?

I had written the song a while back without any rap section before meeting Sky. We were both represented by Rick Eberle for PR management and I reached out to him to see if she’d like to be featured on the track. She loved the song and her manager at the time Sean Thomas Allen, who is also a wonderful writer, wrote the rap for her. She was 11 years old at the time and added an adorable high energy element to the song. When recording with Sky, be prepared for a basketball in the studio!

Where do you draw inspiration from, and which artists do you look up to?

I try to write from a positive perspective no matter what the subject. Everyday life and how you get through it is probably the most inspiring thing to me. Human beings are resilient. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that. I always try to make my music a healing and inspiring experience.

Linda Ronstadt is my inspiration when it comes to vocal performance. I have been obsessed with her voice for longer than I can remember.

As a writer, my go-to inspirations are Billy Joel, Sara Bareilles and Rachel Platten.

You’ve also done Broadway, in the past, which musical was your favourite to be a part of, and why?

Les Miserables was the first musical album I ever heard. I wanted to be “Young Cosette” from the minute my parents popped in the CD. It was my first audition, my first Broadway show, and the first moment I became a professional performer. It is also, as an adult, still my favorite Broadway show.

What was it like to be on stage in Broadway?

At 8 years old it was overwhelmingly exciting and terrifying all at once. As an adult, it doesn’t change much!

The opening night nerves never go away and the thrill of seeing the stage with all of the sets for the first time never gets old.

Performing in theater is very different than performing your own music with a band. It took me some time to get used to that. On Broadway the audience isn’t there: you’re playing someone else in a separate world. When I am performing my music, I’m connecting with the audience and rocking out with them. Making contact is key.

Do you have any specific memories from your time on Broadway?

My best memories are the ones where you’ve been in a show for a long run and everyone starts trying to break the tedium by playing practical jokes on one another. I’m a huge goofball so this was my forte. I was doing a show called “The Three Penny Opera” (which was also an amazing experience because I got to work with one of my idols: Cyndi Lauper). My costume was pretty ridiculous (we had Isaac Mizrahi designing) and it involved me wearing a pair of hot pink thong boy shorts in one scene where we were all lined up in rows singing. I decided to get out a sharpie and have “bite” written on one butt cheek and “me” on the other. The audience couldn’t see this but my castmates lined up behind me could. They could barely sing they were trying so hard not to laugh. It was awesome. I got yelled at by the costume department but it was so worth it.

What’s next for Brooke Moriber?

Gearing up for the album release! I’m performing in Nashville at The Listening Room for a songwriters night on July 31st and for fashion week on September 9th in NYC for a really cool fundraising event where they are having stage four cancer survivors walk the runway.

And, finally, do you have a message for your fans?

First of, all thanks for being awesome and supporting my music! Couldn’t do this without you! If you haven’t already, please sign up to my mailing list at www.brookemoriber.com and follow me on my socials Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Live YouTube Channel, for all of the latest. Happy summer!

Thank you, Brooke Moriber, for taking the time out to talk to us, we really appreciate it and love your answers as well as your music. We’re definitely going to be keeping up-to-date with your releases and cannot wait to hear “Hello Happy” on July 27 and the album, “Cry Like A Girl”, that you plan on dropping later this year.

Brooke Moriber’s music video for “The Last Goodbye” is out now, and she confirmed in the interview that her new single “Hello Happy” will be out in a few days time followed by an album, titled “Cry Like A Girl”, later in the year. As you wait for these releases, why not listen to the music she has out now.

What do you make of our interview with Brooke Moriber? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix, and tell us your thoughts on her music video “The Last Goodbye”.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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