EXCLUSIVE: Interview with rising popstar Chel

If you love fierce and empowering female popstars, then you’re going to adore Chel.

The St. Louis beauty has just released her debut album Proof, which is fast becoming one of our favourites. Influenced by an array of genres, including pop, reggae and rap, Proof is a rebellious album which pushes musical boundaries in our eyes. Whilst a lot of the tracks are catchy, radio friendly anthems, there is an air of vulnerability throughout as the singer-songwriter pours her heart and soul into her unique brand of music.

Having struggled with her appearance for a number of years, Chel has since grown confident in her body and uses her music as an outlet to spread a positive message. A beautiful person inside and out, Chel is an incredible role model who aims to inspire others who also have their struggles.

We recently got to chat to Chel about her debut album, her role models, plans for the future and much more.

Hi Chel, it’s great to be asking you some questions today! First off, can you tell us about how you got started in the music industry?

Hi! Of course! It all started about 4 years ago when I began taking voice lessons at Nelly’s Ex’treme institute in St. Louis. I was picked to go on their summer concert tour with Murphy Lee and met a producer who asked if I would like to start making music. Seeing as that was all I ever wanted to do, that was literally music to my ears! I’ve been engulfed in the industry ever since.

You recently released your debut album, Proof, which we love by the way! Our favourite tracks are ‘Game Changer’, ‘Let Go’ and ‘Higher’, but which song are you most proud of?

I think my favorite song on the album is Grasp. The whole album came from a place where my heart had been broken and my dreams crushed all in one fell swoop. The whole thing I wrote about getting back on my feet but Grasp was the one I cried writing. I poured my heart into that song. It still makes me feel the same emotion every time I hear it.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Chel 1

What’s the reaction been like to your album so far?

Good! A lot of people have been telling me they like it and my favorite is hearing which songs are their favorite. It is so interesting to see which ones people like because it always changes based on the person.

You’ve got a rather unique method of songwriting – which song on the album did you find the hardest to get right?

Actually… they all came to me so fast! I had only worked with rap beats up until this album. When I got to work on these amazing pop tracks it was like the lyrics just fell into place. None of them seemed very hard to me and that’s thanks to my producers Wyshmaster and Joel Kern.

What makes your music different to anything else that’s already available on the market?

I feel like all my song are pop but they all have their own uniqueness! I like so many different genres that I try to add a different feel to all of them!

Your music is incredibly empowering – we love your attitude and think you’re an awesome role model. Who would you say is your role model?

Thank you!! If I can do one thing in this life it would be to help others to see their own worth. I would have to say my parents are my role models. They are both incredibly strong people with big hearts. They both work very hard and have shown me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. They also do what they can for everyone else in their life and community. They never cease to amaze me.

You’ve openly struggled with your appearance but have grown in confidence over the past few years. What advice would you give to other young girls with similar struggles?

I would tell them to write down the things that they hate about themselves, look at it, and then tell yourself that those are the most beautiful attributes you have. You may not believe it at first but if you continue to find the beauty in your flaws eventually they will become your power and not your weakness.

You’ll be opening for David Correy on his US tour in March. What do you love most about performing?

There is something about being on stage that is like nothing else. Baring it all. You are completely vulnerable but at the same time powerful. It is a growing experience every time I perform. I learn something about myself every time I get on stage. I think I love the self-realization of it and the opportunity to share my story and my passion.

What else does 2017 have in store for Chel?

I am so excited about 2017!!! I think this is the most excited I have been for a new year in a while. I can’t wait to go on tour, release new music, and to move to LA!

Thank you to the beautiful Chel for her time! Look out for more from this promising popstar, we think she has a super bright future ahead of her.

Proof is available to download and stream now.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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