EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CID Talks About His Recently Released EP “Bad For Me”

Last month, CID released his brand new EP, titled “Bad For Me”. It has received quite a bit of attention with millions of streams on Spotify. It’s an EP we couldn’t stop listening to when we first heard it, and we’re sure you’ll think the same when you hear it.

CID, whose real name is Carlos Cid, is a Grammy award-winning DJ and producer; he won the award in 2014 on his production of Cedric Gervais’ remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”. He’s gone on to perform at several venues around the world and he continues to release new music which is gaining a lot of attention. We last saw him perform in London at The Roundhouse as the support act to Galantis on their The Aviary Tour.

The “Bad For Me” EP contains three tracks, which are “I Miss You”, “Bad For Me (feat. Sizzy Rocket)”, and “Werk”. The first track was released prior to the EP release and has already gained almost three million views. The other tracks on the EP are currently gaining streams, with “Werk” nearing two million. CID really makes a statement with this EP, proving to everyone that he’s a DJ we all should be keeping our eyes on.

We were honoured to be given the opportunity to interview him. We went from seeing him on Galantis’ The Aviary Tour at the London Roundhouse, to interviewing him a couple of months later, and soon we’ll be dropping the premiere of his brand new single, tomorrow; so watch out for that. In our interview, we chatted about the brand new EP “Bad For Me”, his career highlights to date, and what he hopes the future will bring.

Hi CID, hope you’re good! What have you been up to in the past few weeks?

Hey! Yes, I’ve been great! I just got back from playing a bunch of parties in Miami for Miami Music Week and did a European tour with Galantis before that. Other than that, I’ve just been locked in the studio, finishing up the next couple singles and a bunch of new remixes that should be out in the next few months!

You recently dropped your brand-new EP, titled “Bad For Me”, can you tell us more about it?

Originally I was going to do one single for Hexagon, Don Diablo’s label, but he was the one who pushed me to do an EP, and I’m really glad he did. I went into this year, wanting to really push myself to release a lot of music and this EP was the perfect way to jump-start the year. I had been sitting on “Werk” and “Bad For Me” for a few months, and once I got the main idea for “I Miss You” finished, I knew it would be the perfect single to launch the EP with.

It’s been popular with plenty of Spotify streams, how does it feel knowing that people have been enjoying the tracks?

It’s an incredible feeling to know people are connecting with my music. I’m really grateful for all the plays its getting, but more than that, all the messages people have been sending on my socials is incredible to see… From people posting videos of themselves listening to the EP; people creating dance routines to the songs; to getting messages on how “I Miss You” has helped them through a tough time; I’ve really been taken back by it all.

The official single from the EP was “I Miss You”, why was this track chosen? What does this song mean to you?

When we were deciding how we wanted to roll out the EP, I thought “I Miss You” would be the perfect first single. When I started playing it in my DJ sets, no one knew what the song was, but it always created this special moment with the crowd. There is such a vulnerability in how the vocal first comes in with just the vocoder, that it really grabs the listener. To me “I Miss You” is a song about second chances, and regardless if you were the one who did wrong, or was wronged, you still have that choice to forgive, and that’s why I think this song has connected with so many people.

“Bad For Me” is a collaboration with Sizzy Rocket, how did the collaboration come about? And, what was it like to work with her?

Sizzy is an amazing songwriter and artist with a really big future ahead of her! “Bad For Me” was written before I got in the picture actually. She co-wrote it with my two friends of mine, Eren Cannata and Carter Matschullat. Originally, it was much slower and had this full-on slow jam R&B vibe, and I absolutely loved it and asked if they would let me do my thing on it. It’s actually also Sizzy on “Werk”. I had this idea for a rap sounding vocal hook and I asked if she would be down to give it a shot, and she nailed it! It’s crazy to see that off the EP “Werk” has been the fastest growing song so far!

You’ve just finished performing in Miami for Miami Music Week. Was the atmosphere electric? What makes Miami Music Week one of the biggest electronic dance music events of the year?

That week is always crazy, not only for the parties but also because I get to catch up with DJ friends who I don’t get to see that often. This year I played six parties while I was down there. It’s always fun because you never know what to really expect or who’s going to show up for your sets. This year, I went back 2 back with Kaskade for a bit at his pool party, and when I was closing for Tiësto, Martin Garrix came and we played a couple back 2 back as well… But, probably, the best moment was at one of the Pool Parties. I had a couple minutes left in my set so I decided to close with the remix of [Alex Adair’s] “Make Me Feel Better” that I did with Don Diablo and then, randomly, he appeared on stage with me haha… I had no idea he was even there and it was such a great moment.

We last saw you perform as a support act at Galantis’ The Aviary Tour, at the London Roundhouse back in mid-February. Tell us about your relationship with Galantis and how it was supporting them all throughout Europe.

he European tour with them was amazing. Their shows just keep getting bigger and bigger and even though I’m playing support, I can do my thing and play my sound which has been a great way for their fans to discover me. Galantis have been huge supporters of what I am doing from the beginning. I’ve been a huge fan of both Christian and Linus as producers even before they joined up to make Galantis, so it’s been incredible to really get a chance to pick their brain on production, and the industry after and between the shows. They’ve given me a lot of great advice.

Was there a specific place you would love to return to perform, one day?

Definitely London. I’ve always looked first at whats happening there musically, and have always felt as a DJ and Producer that that’s where I want to really build my name. It was great to do a couple support shows there, but my goal is to come back for my own headline show in the near future.

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What’s next for CID? And what can fans expect from you in the upcoming months?

Fans can definitely expect A LOT of new music. In between shows I’ve been locked in the studio and I’m really excited about the things to come. I have new music lined up through the summer, and a bunch of new remixes that should be out in the next few months. Aside from that, my goal is to launch my own label sometime in the near future, strictly for more club-oriented stuff. For my own music, and also to help give new talent an outlet for their music too.

And, finally, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Shoutout to all the fans!!!! Thanks for listening to all the music, for reposting it, for sharing it with your friends. I wish I could give every one of you a big hug!

That would certainly be a lot of hugs! Thank you so much, CID, for taking time out to answer our questions for this exclusive interview. We’re so excited about the prospect of new music, and really can’t wait to premiere the new single tomorrow!

For now, we’ll be listening to “Bad For Me” on repeat. The EP is available to download and stream right now through Hexagon.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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