Frank Gioia/CrankThatFrank in his latest video, "JACOB SARTORIUS MAKES THE CRINGIEST COMEBACK!"

Exclusive: Interview with CrankThatFrank

Frank Gioia, also known as CrankThatFrank, is a hardworking, hilarious and relatable YouTuber with an ever-growing fanbase.

The Brooklyn-born vlogger uploaded his first video back in September of 2013. Since then, Frank’s subscriber count has blown up to over 170,000 –– proof that hard work and devotion can soon lead to success. He connects with his viewers through frequent YouNow livestreams, and uploads a video at least once a week. With videos like the “TRY NOT TO LAUGH EMO CHALLENGE” and  “REACTING TO MUSICAL.LYS”, there’s something on Frank’s YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy.

We got the chance to talk to Frank about his YouTube career, including what first inspired his channel, and what his fans really mean to him!

Frank taking a selfie with a fan at VidCon 2016. This year's was the 7th annual one in Anaheim, CA.
Frank taking a selfie with a fan at VidCon 2016 in Anaheim, CA. This year’s was the 7th annual one of its kind.

CM: Hi Frank! For those readers that haven’t seen your videos before, do you think you could briefly describe what they might find when coming to your channel?

FG: Hi! My YouTube channel consists of comedic content that varies from commentary, reactions, challenges, skits, and vlogs.

CM: What inspired you to first start posting videos to YouTube?

FG: I started making YouTube videos in 2013, shortly after a huge falling out had happened in my life. I felt lost, directionless, and hopeless. I found comfort in watching all of these incredible personalities on YouTube and admiring how “out there” they were. I wanted to channel the negativity I was experiencing into a positive outlet, turned on the camera, and the rest is history.

CM: What do you do/how do you prepare when planning for a new video?

FG: I don’t plan much beforehand when filming a video. I never have a script to go by. I sit in front of my camera and wait for the magical (mess) to happen.

CM: The first half of 2016 has already come and gone. Do you think this year has made you grow as a person in any way?

FG: 2016 has definitely made me grow as a person. I’m constantly learning and looking for ways to apply that knowledge into positive and creative ways.

CM: What’s your favorite video on CrankThatFrank?

FG: I don’t particularly have a favorite video. I believe that every new video you put out should be your favorite. Otherwise, why upload it?

Frank poses for a photo with a fan and her artwork. Fans often mail Frank presents and original artwork, which he sometimes opens in front of the camera.
Frank poses for a photo with a fan holding a poster. Fans often mail Frank presents and original artwork, which he sometimes opens in front of a recording camera.

CM: You currently have over 170,000 subscribers on CrankThatFrank. How have your fans impacted you and your channel?

FG: I’ve recently surpassed 170,000 subscribers and it’s still a number I’m trying to wrap my head around. I’m blessed with an incredibly loving & supportive fanbase that is with me every step of the way.

CM: This year you attended your second VidCon. What’s your favorite thing about YouTube-related conventions?

FG: Meeting fans is my absolute favorite, and primarily the reason why I attend YouTube conventions. There is no greater feeling than having the screen between you and the viewer removed.

CM: Is there someone you would you love to collaborate with on YouTube, and if so, why?

FG: I would absolutely love to collaborate with Joey Graceffa. He was one of the main influences for me even starting a YouTube channel.

CM: What can we expect from you by this time next year?

FG: Expect great things to come. I would have never thought I would be in the position I am today one year ago.

CM: This last question will (hopefully) be less intense! Is there anything you’d like to say to your viewers, and any new ones you may have today?

FG: My current viewers are the reason why I smile every single day. I’m so thankful for each and every single one of them.
To any new viewers, welcome to the chaos that is my YouTube channel. Enjoy the ride.

Thank you for talking to us at CelebMix, Frank! We look forward to what new videos you’ll be creating and what the bright future has planned for your YouTube career.

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Frank and a fan pose for a photo at VidCon 2016. For Frank, meeting fans is the primary "reason why I attend YouTube conventions".
Frank and a fan pose for a photo at VidCon 2016. For Frank, meeting fans is the primary “reason why (he) attends YouTube conventions”.

Written by Celine Low

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