Exclusive Interview: Danny Simm on Proving Them Wrong.

Danny Simm is the 19-year-old who is slowly taking over the world. He’s a vlog sensation, a radio DJ, a singer-songwriter and now he’s added fashion and home decor designer to his CV.

Last week, the lad from Wigan launched brand ‘Prove Them Wrong’ and we managed to find time in Danny’s schedule to get the complete low down on the new campaign, as well as finding out about his own struggles with Dyspraxia and Danny opens up about his passion for business.

CM: Hi Danny, we are big fans of your new line ‘Prove Them Wrong’, is this line created with your own experiences as an inspiration?

DS: I mean it kind of all started with a lot of my followers messaging me for advice. I get loads of messages from young people saying they want to achieve a dream but there are things and people in the way. I found myself saying over and over ‘Prove them wrong’.I guess one small spark starts a fire.

CM: You’ve always been open about having dyspraxia, has this given you the mentality to prove your doubters wrong?

DS: For example, Chris is always trying to get me to skate board, anyone who watches any of our videos will see that I say I can’t skate board, I’m dyspraxic. However, that never ever stops me from trying. You will see me fall over a couple of times, but that is just what happens. Every time I try, I get a little better. It’s been something everyone has told me it will hold me back, but it honestly hasn’t. As a dyspraxic, our brains have to work 10 times harder to do things at the speed of a non-dyspraxic. Look at Daniel Radcliff, he’s dyspraxic and he doesn’t stop. 

CM: How long has this kind of line been an idea for you?

DS: After me and Chris Bourne finished season two of the vlogs, I was on an incredible high. Chris is one of my very best friends. When I got home, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands and I didn’t know what to do. My bedroom is also my work place. I sat down and felt like I wanted to start another business. I have always been into business. When I was 10 years old, I actually wrote a letter to Simon Cowell, a week later he wrote back to me and said keep going, and included a singed photo of his face. That was the spark that started my fire. 

CM: How has the reaction on social media been?

DS: It’s been insane. Since the Busted tour, me, and Chris have met thousands of Busted fans and were known as ‘The two merch guys who make vlogs’. And then I was really taken a back by the response on social media, it was phenomenal. 

CM: Your family is known for being super supportive, have they been supportive for this?

DS: I’m very lucky in the sense of having a supportive family. My mum and dad are the most supportive parents ever. My mum’s more of a star than I ever will be. She’s raised and supported me through every choice I have made. She’s like a group mum. Shes in a bunch of twitter group chats with our followers and gives advice to them. 

CM: At a young age you have achieved so much, what has inspired you to do this?

DS: I mean, this is crazy, I have always been in business, I started at 13 years old hosting charity festivals. (Danny shows CM a poster for SimmFest from 2011). My whole interest in music and business began there. I’ve always aimed to work for myself.I told my mum I wanted to work in music management, she suggested I work for a record label, I thought to myself why not start your own. I started my latest business as a social media management agency when I was 17. I worked with a guy called Luke Potter. This is the first time I’ve actually spoken about this. I closed down my marketing company when I came home from the Busted tour. I didn’t have the time anymore for my clients. 

CM: What’s next to come from you?

DS: There’s always more to come. I didn’t tell anyone that I was working on this branding. I actually have 70 products at the moment, but only 35 have been launched at the moment. There is a lot more to come. There are more designs each with 70 products. The aim is not just to be a clothing brand. There’s home decor. I loved the idea of a ‘prove them wrong’ notebook. A notebook can be used for so much, the start of a movie script, a drawing, a business plan. 

CM: We loved your show on Fun Kids Radio during the school holidays, how was it for you?

DS: It’s been great. I used to do the morning show for Bolton FM. I never really had much time to myself though. It would take me an hour on the train, travel in the peak times, and then prepare for my show, do my show and then come back. It was exhausting. But radio presenting is one of my biggest passions, The vibe Fun Kids Radio has is so good. I have an arrangement with them that I go up to London to do the show in school holidays. I’ve been there nearly a year.

Radio is going great. My agent is working on a lot of things for me. James Barr is signed to the same agent as me and he’s incredible. He is like my radio presenter big brother. Whenever I need any help or advice James is always on hand. I have learned so much from him. I would certainly do radio every day if I could. 

CM: You obviously have a lot of skills, what is your biggest passion?

DS: Woah. This changes every week. This answer will need changing weekly. At the moment it’s film making. Me and my friend years ago would borrow my mum’s video camera and make little comedy sketches and upload them to YouTube, thank god we didn’t use our real names. I saw Rouge One when it came out at the end of he year, and the way the film was made really inspired me. I came away and thought wow, I want to make that.  A couple weeks later I went out and brought my vlogging camera. Me and Chris already knew we wanted to do something like the vlogs together, but Rouge One kicked that off. 

CM: Danny, you’ve been vlogging with pop-star Chris Bourne for the past 4 months, is this something you both are going to continue with?

DS: Yes of course! Chris is my best friend. Most of the money I make from my Prove Me Wrong range goes back into making these vlogs and keeping me fed during the weeks in the lair!

CM: You were a special guest on Chris’s identity tour recently, how was that for you?

DS: It was insane. It was so good. We got a lot of footage for our vlogs, we did go indoor sky diving. We shot all that footage which is really cool. I got to see some of my friends on the tour as well. 

CM: What are you finding the positives to be of vlogging?

DS: It allows me to express more of my creative side. Me and my partner in crime (Although we haven’t broken any laws) Chris. It allows us to have another creative outlet. It is a challenge for us.

CM: With this journey you’ve been on the past few months, what have you learned about yourself?

DS: Wow. That is a good question. Last year, October/November time I was going through a little bit of a rough time. My head space was not good. This year has shown me that I needed to not get so down on myself, something absolutely amazing is just around the corner. Who knows what will happen, you could be invited to go and help on tour with your favourite band of all time. I do have Busted and Chris for that. 

CM: A lot of your fans wanted us to find out, how is your loveable sidekick Barry Anana doing?

DS: Barry is doing great. He’s recently made the move from Manchester to Wigan. 

CM: When can we see some more of him?

DS: I’d like to do some more work with Barry so yeah. There’s more to come with Barry. 


We know Danny is going to have the most incredible future. There is a lot of excitement to see where he goes from here. Prove Them Wrong is available now from here, and you can follow Danny Simm by following him on Twitter.

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Written by NikiSmith

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