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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Elle Winter Chats About New Single “Cave In”, Her Upcoming EP, And Her Acting Career

This week saw Elle Winter drop her brand new single “Cave In” which is definitely one of our favourite songs that she has released to-date. It will be part of her forthcoming EP which is set to be released later this year – which we cannot wait for; and so, when we were given the opportunity to interview Elle Winter, how could we not?

Elle Winter is a 20-year-old rising singer, songwriter, and actress who is certainly an exciting talent. She’s been working with production duo The Orphanage, recently, on her new tracks and this team-up is proving to be brilliant for Elle Winter. She was born and raised in New York City and was later discovered by Radio Disney which saw her, later, take part in “Next Big Thing” which saw her release a bunch of singles and go on a national tour to build her fanbase. She soon dipped into some acting roles, appearing in The After Party and Three Generations. Now, she’s focusing on her music after being signed, this year, to Sony’s RED MUSIC, and she’s currently gearing up to release her debut EP.

In our exclusive interview with Elle Winter, we chatted about her new single “Cave In”, her upcoming EP, as well as her acting roles.

Hi Elle, we hope you are well today. What have you been up to this past month?

Hi there! Thanks so much for having me. I have been performing and promoting my recent single “Do You” and have been working on writing and recording new music in NYC and LA.

Your new single is “Cave In”, can you tell us more about that track?

My new single “Cave In” is honestly one of my favorite songs from my upcoming EP. It is a reflective song that tells the story of looking back on a relationship and being grateful for its end and to not have to revisit the past.

What does the song mean to you?

The song is very special to me because it discusses this concept of caving in that I’ve been wanting to articulate for a while. Basically, at the end of relationships, it can be very tempting to go back to an ex because it is strange and scary to be without that person. I often see a lot of my friends revisiting toxic relationships because their ex will beg for a second chance. This song is basically a thank you to someone for not asking you for this second chance at a relationship that, in hindsight, was not good for either person.

How would you describe the song?

The song is bittersweet to me. It is upbeat but touches on a serious concept. I had discussed, in the beginning of the session with The Orphanage, this idea of creating a song with a juxtaposition of happiness and sadness. They really brought this feeling to life with the powerful track they produced, and the lyrics do so as well.

What was it like to record the track?

It was amazing! It is always such a pleasure to collaborate with The Orphanage as well as songwriters Ricky Manning and Dale Anthoni. I left the session with only a 15 second Instagram story I posted from the studio and I am pretty sure I watched it 1,000 times to hear the song because I loved it so much!

Who produced the track and what were they like to work with?

The Orphanage produced “Cave In” and it is wonderful to work so collaboratively with them. I truly feel they understand my direction and vision and are able to bring it to life. Every session with them is so fun and seamless.

If a music video was created for the track, how would you envision what it would be like?

I would want to visually show this tension of being physically pulled back to an environment that is not appealing, and eventually breaking free of this force and moving on into a beautiful scene!

The release follows up your previous two tracks “Sick Of You” and “Do You”, can you tell us more about each of these tracks?

Yes, so both of those records were also produced by The Orphanage. “Sick of You”, tells the story of having a true, genuine connection with someone; and “Do You”, is an anthemic song that is about being true to oneself despite what anyone else has to say.

Talk us through what they were like to write, create, and record.

Writing and creating these records was an honest and open experience for me. I went into the sessions with concepts and ideas inspired by my own experiences and created songs that brought them to life.

The Orphanage worked with you on these tracks, what are they like in real life?

They are amazing people. Not only are they some of the most talented musicians I’ve met, but they are also so kind and humble. I love working with them and the energy they bring to each session.

These track releases are leading up to your debut EP, can you tell us more about it? Has the EP got a name yet?

My debut EP should be out in the fall, and we have a name that I have not shared just yet… but each song on it tells a story of mine and gives listeners a raw insight into my life, in the hopes that they can relate and feel a sense of solidarity with me.

Do you have a favourite song off the EP, which is it, and why?

My favorite song off the EP is actually “Cave In”! I feel like saying I have a favorite song off my EP is like a parent calling one of their children their favorite, haha! I love all of my songs, but “Cave In” is one of my most intimate and I find it expresses the message the exact way I need it to.

How does it feel to be releasing your debut EP later on this year?

It honestly feels surreal. I am so excited to be releasing music that could not be more genuine and true to me at this moment.

Music isn’t your only passion, you’ve also dipped into the acting world, appearing in The After Party and 3 Generations. What were those experiences like?

They were both incredible experiences. I love acting and I find that music and acting are such similar crafts, in that both depend on pulling upon past experiences to form connections with others, whether that is connecting with the people who listen to my music or connecting with a character.

Photo Credit: Angelo Kritikos

Do you plan to continue your acting career, or are you mainly focused on your music career at the moment?

I definitely plan to continue acting! I am looking forward to announcing some upcoming projects soon.

Where do you draw your inspiration from, and who do you look up to in the music industry?

I am inspired by my own life experiences, other art forms, and other artists. Growing up, I listened to strong, fierce female pop stars and saw them pursuing their dreams and was inspired to go after mine as well. I also look up to Bruno Mars, I think he brings people so much joy through his music and has such an impressive career. I also love Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande.

And, finally, do you have a message for your fans?

To be yourself and do what makes you happy! Also, just know that everything happens for a reason and trust your own journey.

Thank you, Elle Winter, for taking the time out to answer our questions; such an inspiring message for your fans! We also adore “Cave In” and we’re so excited about your debut EP.

As you all await the upcoming debut EP from Elle Winter, why not check out her releases to-date, which includes the awesome new release, “Cave In”.

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