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Exclusive Interview: Emily Krueger Chats ‘Can’t Trust Nobody’

Emily Krueger, an impressive singer/songwriter from Canada, is making big strides in the music industry as an up and coming female artist. The ‘Can’t Trust Nobody’ singer is not only a powerful force when it comes to singing and writing, but she is also a musician. Krueger’s skills as a guitarist have even earned her a sponsorship from Fender at a young age. With over 200,000 followers on Instagram alone and countless supporters across streaming platforms, Krueger continues to impress people and other artists around the world with her talent and genuine personality. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, the star opened up about her music, fans and more.

How did you first get started with music? 

I can’t think far back enough to a time I wasn’t singing. Singing has always been a part of me. I loved classical music when I was younger and taught myself piano at about 12 or 13, then guitar around 16. I’ve always written poetry and songs to get my heart out, but only started to think about it as a career after high school.

What inspired you to share your musical talent online? 
Writing has always been my outlet and main passion. I originally went to university for nursing, and freshman year I found myself writing more and more…which probably was me trying to avoid the reality of what I was on the road to become: a nurse and not a musician. Putting stuff online super low-key was probably a way to keep that hope alive even just as a plan B. That is until I said, “F*ck it,” quit school [and] went to London to make it my only plan. No fall backs.
Emily Krueger


You are now focusing on your own music. What are your goals as a solo artist?
Sky is the limit, but at the end of the day I just want to make art that people can relate to, cry to, dance to and feel something from. The goal is connection. The things we go through are so often so similar to millions of other people. To be able to articulate through song what others are also feeling is everything.


Your debut EP will be out in December! What can you tell us about that? 
I’m so so excited! I wrote this EP in Nashville with Jamie Kenney. This was the first time I felt so free to write exactly what I wanted and how I wanted. My whole heart is wrapped up in this EP. I had just went through a break up, band break up and didn’t know who I was anymore and where I was going. I wrote about it, experienced more, met so many people and started fresh. This EP was at such a break through point in my life, so it’s super close to my heart.



How amazing has it been to earn a sponsorship from Fender? Did you ever dream about something like that growing up? 

It’s such a blessing. Ever since I started playing guitar, Fender has been number one for me. Nothing feels as good as one. Definitely never thought I would get that opportunity, but I am so grateful and proud to represent Fender.


You already have an incredibly impressive fanbase and support system. What do you love most about them? 
I feel so lucky people got on board with me before I even decided to release anything. They are so so supportive with everything I do, I love hearing people on Instagram get inspired from little ideas I make and flip them into something dope, and now hearing people cover my stuff is an insane feeling!



If you could collaborate with any artist or band, who would it be and why?
Collaboration is what makes making music so magical to me. I have a big interest in production myself, and there are so many producers I wanna work with. I’ve always loved Jax Jones and his production. I’d love to work with artists that are quite different, cause I love when you get to see music differently [and] more open minded. I’ve been really into Cautious Clay lately [and] relate to the sound, but [it’s also] good to chill to.


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