EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Girl In The Garden Talks Debut EP “Polaroid”

Back in February, Girl In The Garden released her debut EP, titled “Polaroid”. It contains seven stunning tracks that truly shows her off as an artist, but her versatility is definitely on its way with new music around the corner.

This singer-songwriter is certainly someone we all need to keep an eye on as she continues to release music and prove that she deserves her place in the music industry. Her debut EP “Polaroid” really does draw us into this singer and we cannot wait to see what other releases she has planned.

We had the opportunity to interview Girl In The Garden where we chatted about her debut EP “Polaroid”, her cover songs on YouTube, her lyric videos, and what her future music plans are.

Hi Girl In The Garden, how are you today?

I’m doing great!

What have you been up to lately?

This summer so far has been packed with traveling, meeting new artists, and of course, playing lots of gigs and writing new material!

For our readers who haven’t heard of you before, can you introduce yourself?

Yeah, I’m Girl in the Garden, a young artist based in Boise Idaho. I’m still a student at Eagle High School going into my junior year. I’m passionate and dedicated to having people hear my art. Locally, I play about 4-6 shows a month.

How would you describe your music?

My EP “POLAROID” is full of catchy pop songs. For my next releases, I’ll have a slightly different sound, more chill/alternative pop. I also have multiple collaborations in the making with genres from rap/r&b, to EDM, to singer-songwriter styles!

Back in February, your debut EP, titled “Polaroid”, was dropped. How did it feel to release this seven-track collection of music?

It was so crazy and amazing. I never expected to be making songs and recording in the studio at such a young age. The reactions from my community and friends have been so wonderful. The best part is really hearing how people connect and react to the songs.

Can you tell us more about the EP?

I got to write and record all the songs in Nashville with some amazing musicians and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. The EP also brought in more friends who I’ve met when they told me about how my songs impacted them. One of my favorites is my song “More Than Temporary” became this couples favorite song. And they played it at their wedding and everything! It was amazing to see all the happiness it brought to them and how it brought them closer together.

There are seven songs on “Polaroid”, can you talk us through each one and what each of them are about?

The first song we wrote was “Entertainer”. The lyrics could be taken literally or as a metaphor which I think is a super cool quality. I wrote this song about just facing your fears and finding yourself and really loving yourself even if everyone is trying to put you in this box and paint your life for you. The line “she will break the cage” is when she really decides to take control and love the life she wants to live. 

“Cherry on Top” was the last song we made on the EP and it was intended to be a fun catchy summer song.

“Flaws” is a song about being vulnerable with someone and really showing all the deep personal sides of yourself and hoping they still care for you the same.

“The Old You” was actually written about one of my old best friends, not a boy like most people think. We were together all the time and would be laughing 90% of it. We didn’t care about looking good or impressing people because we were just kids trying to have fun and live a little.

The song with the most attitude I would say is “Casual Glances”. I was just SO annoyed with boys and the song came so easily to me.

“Polaroid” is a fun travel song that I hope to eventually live. It’s about going to all these cool crazy places with people you love and documenting it with a Polaroid. Timeless right? It basically says why are we waiting?! Let’s go on an adventure right now.

The fan favorite out of my friends and family is “More Than Temporary”. It’s about as sweet as a love song can get and will get stuck in your head. Originally, the song idea I had was just “temporary” so when we changed it to “more than temporary” I hadn’t really been thinking about lyrics where everything was happy and good. So I actually ended up getting a lot of fresh ideas and it worked out perfectly!

What’s your favourite track from the EP, and why is it your favourite?

That’s such a hard question and it changes all the time! But at this moment I’d say “More Than Temporary” because it makes me happy and puts me in a good mood.

If you could create a music video for one of the tracks on the EP, which one would you choose and what would we be watching in the visual?

If I could create a music video I would choose “Casual Glances”. It has such a unique vibe and you could get so many interesting shots. In my mind, I imagine it in an open room with lots of unique camera angles following me and colors changing the room throughout the song. And of course some cool eye makeup and close up shots.

Five out of the seven tracks have lyric videos released on your YouTube Channel, are there plans to release lyric videos for “Entertainer” and “Cherry On Top”? If you were to drop lyric videos for them now, what imagery would you use?

There are no solid plans right now but I’ve always wanted to have a video for “Cherry on Top” as well because it could be super vibrant colors and have big props and probably a pool with a bunch of fruity floaties, of course.

We love the lyric videos that are out now, they’re simple but make an impact, from the eye on “Casual Glances” to the polaroid pictures on “Polaroid”. What were they like to create?

I personally did not create them myself but I expressed my vision to the artist and I’m especially happy with how Polaroid turned out!

You’ve released a few covers on your YouTube Channel, which has been your favourite? And do you plan on doing any more covers?

Yes, I love doing covers! I post most of them on my Instagram but I plan to be more active on YouTube this year. My two favorites would have to be “Beautiful” by Bazzi and “My Boy” by Billie Eilish.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year? And is there more music on its way?

I’m super excited to keep creating and you will definitely hear some new material this year!

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Do what you love and work hard for your dreams! No one wants to grow old and look back at their life and think “what if”. Share your talents with people and I’m sure it will bring you and them so much joy.

Thank you, Girl In The Garden, for answering our questions, we are looking forward to new music from you, no doubt it’ll be as catchy as your debut EP “Polaroid”.

“Polaroid” the EP, is available to download and stream right now. We highly suggest you check out her website, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to keep up-to-date with her releases.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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