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Exclusive Interview: Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Laura White talks about her career so far

Laura White is one of those artists you speak with who instantly put you at ease, you feel as if you are catching up with an old friend.

We’ve been fans of Laura for many years since she was in the XFactor in 2008, where her exit from the show caused such a public outcry, that she remains the only artist from a TV talent/reality show to be discussed in parliament.

Since then Laura has gone on to establish herself as one of the UK’s most talented songwriters, she’s even been nominated for a Grammy for her songwriting.

Late last year she released the gorgeous ballad Nobody, ” I wrote Nobody in LA on a writing trip. I was working on a lot of different music with Diplo’s guys, some of Alicia Key’s guys so I had gone over on the writing trip to write for other people in general and I ended up working on some of my own stuff and Nobody was just one of the songs that I wrote, I wrote it with Pam Sheyne who wrote Genie In A Bottle.”

“So Me and Pam wrote it together, and at the time I really just wanted to write a song that would empower people. It was just one of those songs where I felt you know in life when everyone’s going who you with? what relationship are in you in? what are you doing next? I think a lot of people feel under pressure from society. So I wanted to write a song about that. I’m so proud of it I feel like it was my best work!”

“All the songs I write start off on my piano they are just real love songs, the track I did with Ms Banks, Heartbreaker that started off on my Piano, I write a lot of my songs on the piano in my house.”

With Charles Hamilton and Rita Ora’s New York Raining which she wrote, it was featured on US TV Show Empire and it’s subsequent Soundtrack, which was grammy-nominated in 2015. ” That song started as a song for me, then I think the more the writing continued I felt this poppier than I am. So, in the end, it was like I wrote it and was unsure who could sing it and then, in the end, Rita had asked to cut it.

“So a lot of the time I sort of just write it and get a good feeling, but there are certain songs like Nobody which at the time I’d just signed with Elton John’s team and they were like oh we really think Adele could have this, and I was like no no no, as there as some songs I just can’t giveaway.

“Before I did X Factor I was in a soul band called Summer of Sam put together by Mark Ronson, so before that especially being in Manchester I was just gigging for six years and I was writing songs even then. I’ve really worked on my songwriting craft for years and years and years now, so I really think now everything is golden and all falling in to place. I’m so proud of it all.”

2020 is set to be a very busy year for Laura as she has just released a new track Happiness, is featured on the US TV show The Bold Type. which was written by Chris Wahle and Laura with the former producing the track. It’s a very tuneful, upbeat track that showcases Laura’s vocal capabilities throughout. It has a pop vibe mixed with current R&B wrapped up in a dance track. 

She also revealed exclusively to CelebMix that she had just received confirmation of some really exciting news that a song she has written will feature in the upcoming film Four Kids and It, which stars Michael Caine and Russell Brand.” It’s coming out at Easter, I’ve written a song for the soundtrack, I think it’s the main song for a film. It’s a Michael Caine and Russell Brand movie, which is an adaption of a book by Jaqueline Wilson. It’s going to preview first on Sky Arts, it’s called Four Kids and It. And I’m singing the theme song.”

Four Kids and It will be released in the UK April 10. Laura has some shows and a lot more music planned for this year, so keep an eye on her Twitter and website for more info.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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