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Exclusive Interview: J Poet Chats About ‘Suavecita’

Latin-Canadian artist, J Poet, has recently released the music video for his hit single ‘Suavecita’ and has continued to rack up hundreds of thousands of streams and views as a result. In the self-directed video, J Poet shows off both his impressive talent, as well as his fun personality, on and off screen.

While he is still busy keeping up an incredibly successful momentum this year, the ‘Suavecita’ singer is confidently ready to take the world by storm even more in 2020. J Poet opened up exclusively to CelebMix about his hit single, its music video and more.

What was the process like for making the music video to ‘Suavecita’ and what was interesting about making this video in particular?

The making of ‘Suavecita’ was super unique. I honestly don’t know too many people who shot a video like this!  First off, we shot this video in my home country, Ecuador at a very popular tourist location called Baños. The team we had to shoot this video consisted of only me [and] the model Patty & Loverboy Eazy who is a recording artist as well. That being said, Loverboy Eazy at this time was very new to filming music videos, so essentially I was directing, teaching how to shoot and also acting/performing throughout the video.

Besides the limited man power, the most unique part of this video is the roles that me and Patty played in the music video. ‘Suavecita’ is a song about meeting a girl for the first time, going on that first date and exploring a new connection.

These emotions in the song were captured so perfectly in the video because that was almost the real life scenario between me and the model. During that time, Patty and I had met just a month before we filmed that video, we had met in a club in Ecuador and started talking romantically. The day we went to shoot ‘Suavecita’ was the first time I actually went on a date with Patty and spent the weekend with her. That being said, although we were acting in the video, it was a paradox because it was really like our first date. We went to the zoo, ate a fancy dinner and went for a romantic walk. I think the video is really romantic and sweet because the emotions being captured were very real/organic, it was as if it was a real date captured on video.

In post production, I chopped up all the clips and edited the whole video myself. I think this was also a unique process because I took all the time to hand pick the most intimate and organic moments. It was definitely an experience from beginning to end!

You directed the video! Do you also have a passion for making visuals? Did that make this music video more sentimental than others? 

Yes! Honestly, I’m a true creative at heart, Art is my passion and I don’t limit my art to only music. For music videos, specifically, I definitely think I’m gifted in directing.

My process for creating music videos is very similar to my process of writing music. I close my eyes, listen to the music and let visions come to my head as I listen to the best lyrics and overall vibe of the song. I find that when I zone out, really paying attention to the song, I will easily match up the words/parts of the song to creative locations, scenes and stories. The limited people that I’ve worked with as a music video director are always really satisfied with my ideas and creativity.

‘Suavecita’ was definitely super sentimental as we had limited resources. It was my shooters first time shooting a music video and it was a video with a ton of storytelling throughout the visuals. Ultimately I looked at the final product and was amazed with what we created! It was one for the books.

How awesome has the response been for that song in general? 

This song, ‘Suavecita’ is the top song I have out right now [and] it’s truly a universal track that people of all walks of life can vibe to. This song alone is almost at 1,000,000 plays between Apple Music & Spotify. On top of that, ‘Suavecita’ has the most radio features, downloads, purchases, Shazam’s…etc. It’s really doing numbers right now.

To see the response to this song and to have it as my first single that’s really going viral is really special to me. It truly is a dream come true and I give the glory to God!

I know a lot of Latin American fans prefer YouTube over streaming applications, so I know this video is going to be well received by the masses and add to the trending momentum!

What do you love most about your fans who support you and your music? 

For me, I’m a very simple thinker. The thing that I love the most about my fans is simply the fact that they are listening and enjoying my music. It’s truly a dream come true to create music, have millions of people listen to it and earn my living from it. I don’t have any expectations for my fans. I just [have]100% gratitude that they love my music and are connecting with my art. As I grow as a person and an artist, I know my fans/supporters will continue to grow as well. I hope to be a great leader/role mode to all these people and I hope my music teaches/inspires them to be the best they can be! Unconditional love for all of my fans!

Speaking of your supporters, what do you want new listeners and fans to know about you and your passion for music? 

It would be amazing for my fans and listeners to understand my intentions for creating music and what my overall goals are for my life. I’m a deeply spiritual human being who creates music with the purpose of spreading light and positivity in this world! Throughout all of the music I create, I really make a huge effort in my lyricism to truly have a message for my audience. I make a wide variety of music while continuing to expand into new genres every day. No matter what type of song I make, I always am trying to give my fans something real to connect to. Music is meant to help guide, heal and evolve the listener. These days a lot of music seems to be confusing people, so I’m trying to stay true to arts pure purpose in my music.

To all my listeners, just know the best is far yet to come, everyday I’m evolving as an artist and human being! In my quest of life as I keep progressing in my endeavors my skills, confidence and passion are sky rocketing. This year I leveled up a lot and I know 2020 I’m gonna shock the world with the music I put out!

What is one major goal you have for 2020? 

My major goal for 2020 is to increase my net worth to $1,000,000+ and establish my record label “Perfect Strangers Records.” All of my achievements in 2019 are going to lead to the progression on my personal music career in 2020. With the momentum I have now, I’m confident I’ll be recognized as a rising international talent next year. I want to use my own success story to really get my label off the ground and use my same formula to start breaking some of my upcoming artists.

I’m not aiming to be just an ordinary artist. I’m trying to be a true music mogul and executive who influences the world in many ways outside of only music. My potential is limitless and I know I have the capacity to handle multiple things at once. Becoming leaders of light is just as rewarding and sometimes even more lucrative as making music and being an artist. I’m blessed to be able to do both! Just know, I’m on a mission to be a major player on this world stage like Jay-Z!

If you could go on tour with any artist next year, who would it be and why? 

Without a doubt, I would love to go on tour with Drake next year. For those who don’t know, I’m born and raised in the 6 (Toronto) and Drake has always been a huge influence back home. I connect with Drake and his journey from the concrete jungle of Toronto to being the biggest star in the world. I always say, “if you can make it out of Toronto, you can make it anywhere!” Drake’s Label OVO has created some of the best music of my generation and he’s a big inspiration to me!

In terms of shows and performances, I’ve seen Drake perform 2-3 times and every time this man brought the holy ghost out of me! His shows/tours have evolved beyond performances and transformed into incomparable experiences that people are infatuated with being apart of. A Drake concert is a memory that will last a lifetime. His energy and presence is something that you have to feel to understand! I rock with those vibes heavy and I can’t wait to be on the other side of that experience. [To be] one of the people who curates it! Let’s see what happens… God is Great!


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Written by Alessandra

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