Exclusive: Interview with Joshua Rush

Joshua Rush has a long career ahead of him. Talented, funny, and everything in between, you’re going to know his name for years to come. CelebMix chatted to Joshua about his career goals, inspirations, and how he sees his future.

Credit – Amy Pogue

1) What made you want to be an actor?
I think it was a combination of my mom and dad’s work ethic passed on to me, and this insatiable love for being onscreen — and being a part of television in general — that really pushed me to want to do this work.

2) Who are some of your inspirations?

I love Tina Fey! She is so cool and funny, and it’s always been my dream to work with her! Her sense of passion and hard work really inspires me a lot. Also, I’m on my 4th watch-through of 30Rock, BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING, so I’m pretty obsessed right now!

3) What have been some of your favorite roles to play? Why?
I don’t really like to pick favorites! All of my roles feel special to me, and it’s a blessing to be able to work with some of the people I work with in general. But that being said, any time I get to leave the city or the state to do my work is always great!

4) Tell us about Andi Mack?
Andi Mack, coming out April 7th on Disney Channel, is about an average teen/tween girl who gets her life turned upside down when her sister comes home, and when she does she accidentally let’s slip a huge family secret!

5) What drew you to your character?
I really felt a great connection to Cyrus that grew over the course of the season, and through the course of the auditioning process! My first impression of him was “Wow, this kid sounds a lot like me!”. So I think my own connection to the character drew me to him!

6) Besides acting, what are some of your favorite things to do?
I like to read the news, especially political news. I think it’s fascinating how politics works and the way our government works! Politics is amazing to watch in action, and I like to encourage family members to take part in our democracy in their own way, by calling their representatives and making their voices heard!

7) What do you want to achieve as an actor?
I don’t have a goal like “this is what I want to do and when I’ve done it I’m done.” It’s more of this concept of “wow, this is fun. I should do more of it.” And pushing myself to do more of it, and to get more out of what I do, in a way is my goal. To be able to do what I love as long as I can.

8) Any plans for the future that you can share with us?
Andi Mack comes out April 7 on Disney Channel! That’s my past, present, and future for now!

*Photos credit Amy Pogue

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

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