EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Jules

Indie-pop singer Jules has recently released her brand new single titled ‘Eclipse’. The new track follows the rising star’s debut release ‘Eyes Shut’ and is gaining the musician new fans every day.

Here we speak exclusively to Jules about ‘Eclipse’, musical inspirations, dream collaborations and much, much more;

Growing up who/what inspired your love of music?
Me and my family would go on road trips a lot and all the music my dad would play like cheap trick and Aerosmith really inspired me. Me and my Dad would have these long thoughtful conversations about the meanings in songs; what they’re about. I was mostly fascinated with how they made the songs. So by 8 I was so inspired by this I wrote my first song. 

Who are your musical icons? 
I love Lorde, Imagine Dragons, Maggie Rogers. Amazing.

 If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?
Jack Antanoff

What is the main inspiration behind your new single “Eclipse”?
I don’t write to tracks too often, but when I do, I have to sit with it and with this one it took a few hours of listening and jotting down ideas- and the word “Eclipse” randomly popped into my mind. I wrote it out and explored the different meanings and places it’s been used. I remembered watching one of my favourite TV Shows “Greys Anatomy” where the metaphor is used when Dr. Christina Yang turns to Meredith Grey before leaving and says “don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need”. That is a powerful line. So we ran with it.

What do you hope the listeners take from the track?
People are so afraid of being alone. Not lonely, but alone. They’re different because lonely is an emotion and alone is being independent or as the definition says ”on ones own”. The speaker in this song is going through heartbreak after a relationship ends and it’s particularly hard because she depended so much on the other person to fill her void. What I hope people take from this track is not to rely on someone else to provide you with happiness, to take hope in whatever it is you take hope in, and not to be afraid of being alone while taking the time to asses what’s good for you. It’s not selfish, it’s healthy. Don’t be like this girl.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?
We’re going to see how everyone likes the music first and then maybe try to plan a small tour.

Can fans expect an album from you soon?
We’re focusing on mainly singles right now :)

What do you hope to achieve over the course of your career?
I have an inspiration board that hangs right across from my bed. There are tons of things that I hope for but I’m just trusting the process because it’s ultimately not in my hand, but I’m determined to connect with fans and followers and bring people together through music.

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