Exclusive: Interview with Kristen Li

Kristen Li will soon be your new favorite and if not, you’re missing out! With a hit TV show under her belt and multiple voice acting roles, Li is a true up and comer. We sat down with her to talk about The Powerpuff Girls, her inspirations, and everything in between.

Exclusive: Interview with Kristen Li 2

Were you a fan of The Powerpuff girls growing up?

Yes! I was a big fan of The Powerpuff Girls growing up. My dad and I used to watch the show together!

What attracted you to the voice role of Bubbles?

The voice of Bubbles was interesting to me because I was inspired by the character and we are so alike. We both are bubbly, love to help, and talk to people!

With your acting and voiceover work, what has been your favorite role to date and why?

One of my favorite role for my acting was when I was a guest star on Sam & Cat in 2015. I played one of the guests at the birthday party. Some of the girls including myself had to go up on the stage and bring down the singer who was singing. It was fun because I worked with many girls my age. We were laughing and had to do several takes. It was exciting!

My favorite character from my voice over work is Bubbles! I’ve had other voiceover jobs but the most interesting and exciting character is definitely Bubbles. She ends up saving so many people and shows that we have the power to do good for others!

What drew you to voice work?

When I started to do print work and commercials, I had an opportunity to audition for voice overs. It’s very technical and I started to study the voices of cartoons that I was watching. It was interesting because the person who voices the character had to know the personality, the emotions that come with the characters, and able to relate.

Who were some of your inspirations growing up and why?

My parents are my inspirations. My mom is very positive and teaches me discipline. My dad also gives me inspiration and he gives me really great advice. They both teach me to be grounded and I’m always learning new things from them.

Exclusive: Interview with Kristen Li 3

Tell us about your time as a competitive skater. What was that like?

As a competitive skater, I had to practice many hours each day, 7 days a week, either on ice or off ice. To be perfect at my program, I had to practice. Off ice, I had to be on the treadmill, practice jumping and exercises. It was very difficult because I had no play time; even on Christmas my parents looked for a rink that was open. For example, we lived in Chicago and we found a rink in Wisconsin. We had to drive more than an hour to go skate for three hours. My parents would always say it takes practice, discipline, focus and hard work to be successful. I was good because I practised and still I have fun skating when I have time.

How did you move from competitive figure skating to acting?

I had to choose between competitive figure skating or acting; I chose being an actor because I get to play different characters and like to entertain. When I used to compete, I enjoyed it because I was still entertaining people. They both are challenging and hard work. It took me about a year to decide and it was a hard decision because I had skated since I was two!


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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.