Exclusive: Interview with KStewart

KStewart (first name Kate) is a phenomenal singer/songwriter from West London. She recently hit the charts with her single “Ain’t Nobody” and will be climbing more with her new single “Be Without You.” With her powerhouse vocals, catchy lyrics, and rhythmic beats, she can make anyone love her. On July 9th, she performed at British Summer Time supporting Take That. We sat down with KStewart, to talk about her newest single, her plans for the future, and how it was to play the iconic park.


What was it like performing in Hyde Park?

KStewart: It was wicked. Yeah, It was really good. I was…thought it was going to be completely empty. Cause obviously the doors opened at like 1 and I was on at 2. But no, It was nice, it was really nice. And it’s a sick venue and it’s like legendary place to do so i’m really excited.

So tell us about your new single, “Be Without You.”

KStewart: So I wrote it with MNEK and Becky Hill and MNEK produced it as well. And I basically…. and it was the first song I put out that was very me. Like it’s exactly the kind of stuff I listen to. It’s exactly the kind of stuff I like to sing. So basically I just said to them I want to do a song like Amerie “1 Thing” and he was like okay. And that was his take on it and perfect it’s exactly what I wanted.


We just want to say also that “Ain’t Nobody” is our club jam.

KStewart: Aww, thank you!

Anything you want your fans to know, that they don’t know already?

KStewart: They don’t really have stuff that they don’t already know. I just got Loads of shows coming up. Obviously, I got v festival coming up and like a few shows in London, not headline shows but a couple of festivals, fusion festival and just working on my album. I’ve literally just been writing-writing. Just doing loads of writing. Just making sure everything perfect for the next single and everything.

That’s actually my next question. Plans for the future?

KStewart: So the next single is almost ready but not quite so I don’t know, I can’t quite can say when it’ll come out cause I’m not really sure but in the next couple of months for sure. And I’ve just been writing loads for my album so that’ll be probably the beginning of next year.

We’re super excited for that!

KStewart: Me too.

We’d like to send KStewart a big thank you for sitting down with us and you can learn more about her, find her music, and see when she’s playing live at http://www.kstewartmusic.com

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.