Exclusive Interview: Laughta X Ryuken Drop Summer Hit, ‘Work’

Female grime MC, Laughta, has teamed up with house music producers, Ryuken, on the track,Work.

Released on the renowned Champion Records, the track is an upbeat anthem, combining house music with grime, making it a strong contender for the hottest summer track.

Work is an energetic and bouncy cut with Laughta’s vibrant and sizzling vocal delivery, sitting seamlessly with Ryuken’s base-infused beats.

The track has already garnered support from DJ Target, – who premiered the track on his BBC Radio 1Xtra show – predicting it’s going to be a big hit with heavy rotation over the upcoming summer months.

Laughta – who grew up in London – not only makes music, she is currently on BBC’s Galdem Sugar series, which follows five fearless women of London’s grime scene, and focuses on what it’s like to be a woman in the man’s world of grime.

She has teamed up with cousins, Aaron Doyle, and, Jeff Cox – better known as Ryuken – who have been creating dance music since early UK garage days.

After forming in 2016 as a duo, Ryuken have released records, launched labels and played at clubs.

We got the chance to chat to the multi-cultural MC, Laughta, about her latest collaboration with Ryuken, her top five people she hopes to work with, and BBC’s Galdem Sugar series.

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Hey Laughta! Tell us about your latest single together, Work.

‘Work’ is about switching off and getting into party mode. I wanted to bring a little tongue-in-cheek – as I do – and get the listeners on their feet! I just wanted to have fun and not take myself too seriously on this one and just make a track that everyone can go crazy to! I love trainers so it made sense to incorporate it as even though I’m a female, I don’t need to always be in heels! I made it work being myself and I guess that’s the overall concept! Whatever challenges I had, I made it work!

How did the track come about?

As soon as Ryuken sent me the beat, I knew I could bring my flavour to it! I wanted to make a song which was full of good vibes and energy, so it was a perfect match.

What was it like working with Ryuken?

Really fun! They’re easy to work with!

Can we expect any more tracks with them?

We’ll have to wait and see!

If you could pick 5 people to collaborate with, who would it be?

Skepta – He is my biggest inspiration!
Missy Elliot – She inspired me from the start and made me believe in myself because she never changed for people
AJ Tracey – I love his style
Dave – He is very lyrical
J Cole – He is a legend!

You’re on BBC’s Galdem Sugar series. Do you think we need more women in the grime scene? Is it harder for women to make it in the grime scene?

We definitely need more women to take centre stage and be headlining at festivals and we need to be given the respect we deserve. There are a lot of upcoming females and it’s very exciting! There are challenges. Women have to work 10 times harder on sound, image and more, but we will win!

If you ever need motivation or inspiration, what or who do you go to?

If I need motivation, I’ll go and play basketball in the park. It always helps me centre and calms me.

What is it like garnering support from the likes of DJ Target?

Words can’t explain it! It feels like a dream and I’m just very thankful for the support I am getting!

Can we expect more collaborations this year?

Yes! I’ve got a few in the pipeline so watch this space.

If you could skip 5 years, where do you see yourself?

Touring worldwide, doing worldwide collaborations, taking on new business ventures all on top of my music!

You can watch Galdem Sugar series here!

To purchase the track, click here.

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