EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Liam Lis

14-year-old Liam Lis is America’s next big teen sensation. The young singer already has a legion of fans and has performed on the same stage as huge artists including Fifth Harmony and many, many more.

Liam has also teamed up with Nile Rodgers on his single ‘4 The Luv’ and was the opening act for Fetty Wap during his last tour.

Here Liam Lis talks exclusively to Celeb Mix about working with huge names at such a young age, his hopes for the future and what it is like being famous at such a young age.

Growing up did you always know you wanted to be a singer?

I always loved to write songs. My earliest memory of a song I wrote was when I was 5. I started singing the songs because there was nobody else to sing them but me.  

Who inspired you to get into music?

My Grandpa, he always played opera and took me to Jazz shows. 

What is you earliest memory of music? 

I was at a parade in New York when I was about 3. My Grandparents bought me a little drum that I wore around my neck. I took it everywhere with me-the drums were the first instrument I ever played. When the parade started, I remember playing my little drum pretending I was in the orchestra that was walking by. 

What was it like working with Nile Rodgers on your single ‘4 The Luv?

Nile is not only an incredible musician, [but] he is so kind and supportive. He’s always smiling and positive. Nile invited me to perform with him at the Bitter End in NYC and it was a great night. I will always remember it! 

What was it like opening for Fetty Wap?

Fetty has been a huge supporter. When I was invited to open for him, I felt so honoured. His team believed in me and put me on as Fetty’s opening act. I’m really grateful to Fetty and his team for giving me that opportunity. It was an awesome tour! 

Can your fans hope to see you on your own tour anytime soon?

I’m in the studio a lot this summer. I just got off tour not too long ago with Fetty so I just wanted to take a break from touring for a bit, but will definitely do some shows in the fall. Touring is my favourite thing to do. 

How is your new album coming along?

I’ve chosen to release single by single. I feel that it is the best way for the time being to release my music. 

So no LP anytime soon?

I won’t be releasing an LP just yet, but I can’t wait to release another version of ‘If You Fall’, which I am really excited about. My friend Molly who is an incredible violinist, and whom I perform with once in a while, is playing live on the track with all live instruments. I can’t wait to share it with everyone! 

What is the best thing about performing live?

Meeting my fans is the best part and seeing how people react to new songs I perform. 

Which venue would you most like to perform at?

I’m from New York City so of course Madison Square Garden 

You opened for Fifth Harmony at the KRZ summer smash concert, what was the best part about the show? 

It was great to play ‘If You Fall’ on my keyboard. I used to play the keyboard and piano a lot during my shows, but the past year I haven’t. I really wanted to get back to how I started performing and the keyboard was where I was always at. I rarely ever got up [from the keyboard and piano].  

For someone so young you have had a lot of success, how do you deal with the pressures of fame? 

I don’t really think about it too much. However, being so young and people having high expectations makes me want to give it my all, yet at times I put some pressure on myself if things don’t turn out the way people expected them too.

A lot of people think you were discovered on YouTube, but you weren’t were you? 

I know a lot of people think I was discovered on YouTube, but I wasn’t. My buddy Nigel Tally played Jason Flom [Lava Records/Republic] some of my music. Jason asked if I could come to his office and showcase for him and I did. I was only 12 and I didn’t expect to get signed, but Jason and his team believed in me and signed me. 

Your new single ‘If You Fall’ is a gift to your fans, can you describe the message of the song in three words? 

Always being there. 

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you choose?

There are so many artists I look up to, but if I had to choose one to collaborate with now it would be Lukas Graham. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

Taylor Swift. 

Apart from music what other things do you enjoy doing?

I’ve been fishing since I was a kid. It is such an amazing feeling to go out and fish, catch and then make dinner for my family. 

If you wasn’t a singer what would you be doing?

I’ve always thought about being a doctor. There are so many cures that need to be discovered. I really want to help people in need. 

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