EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Liv Austen

Liv Austen is one of the most exciting UK based country music stars around at the moment and she recently returned with the British release of her brand new single ‘Don’t Regret A Single One’. The song has been a fan favourite for some time now so a UK release is great for British based fans.

Along with the release of her brand new single, Brit country fans will also be seeing a lot more of Liv in the coming month as she will be taking to the stage at this years C2C (Country to Country) Festival in March.

Here we speak exclusively to Liv Austen about her new single, C2C slot, UK country music scene and more;

You will be playing C2C this year, what can fans expect from your set?

New music! There will be some brand new songs, which I am really excited to share, but I will also play my singles of course. And who knows, I may throw in a cover of one of my favourite songs!

What do you enjoy most about performing at C2C?

It feels like coming home. I am such a country fan myself and have attended C2C since its first year. It’s such a special event where all the country fans in the UK can come together and see that we are a huge community. To be able to be on stage for it and share my own music means so much, and I know it is the most appreciative audience I could ever have.

Do you feel C2C has played a major part in the current growth of UK Country?

Oh massively. It was almost like a confidence boost for fans, I think. To see that we were not the only ones loving the music. It has enabled so many huge American acts a platform over here, which then created an environment where UK acts could benefit from the interest and show that we are great too. I think that initial skepticism some people had towards UK acts doing country has pretty much died out now. 

Where do you think you fit into the UK Country scene?

I think we all play different roles on the scene. A lot of people think what I do is pop music, rather than country. And that’s totally OK with me. It’s more important to me whether people relate to my music or not than what they would classify it as. I think I am the kind of act you will be drawn to if you like the contemporary sound and are a little bit more open minded about what country can be, and realise that it’s the lyrics that are important. I feel like I appeal to the people who love to listen to different genres, and like a good hook and an honest lyric. If you want trucks and tailgates you’ll have to go somewhere else though!

Along with the announcement of C2C you have also recently released your new single ‘Don’t Regret A Single One’ how excited are you by the fans’ response?

So excited, I can’t even begin to express how blown away I am by people’s reaction to the song. I love playing that song live, and now having just released it as a single I am even more excited to be sharing it with the crowd – I look forward to hearing some people sing it back to me!

When can we expect the official music video for the track?

Very soon! We shot it here in London and I think it will be my best video yet.

What do you hope listeners take from your music?

I hope my music can be part of people’s lives. That’s really my aim. Whether that means that a song reminds them of a time in their lives or gives them strength through tough times, or maybe even that they just love to dance around to one of my songs while they’re cooking… I just want my music to be a part of someone’s everyday life.  

Do you have any plans to release an album soon?

There is an album on the way, and I hope it will come out later in the year. I have so many new songs I want to share with the world!

Will you be touring this year?

If and when the album comes out, there will most likely be a tour around it. I am very eager to travel around the country and go to other countries too and connect with new people. 

What are your 2018 career goals?

I hope to have my album out this year. I want to get out and play to as many people as possible, and for people to know my music not just here in the UK, but in other parts of the world too. I want to take my music on the road and share it with as many people as I can. If I’m doing that, I’m happy! 

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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