Exclusive: Interview With Makeup Artist, Daniela Rowson

Daniela Rowson is a Los Angeles based makeup artist that has worked all over the world. For twelve years, Daniela has done makeup for commercials, for movies, for television shows, for music videos, for editorial and high fashion photo shoots for companies such as Vogue, and for major award shows like the Oscars and the National Hair Styling Awards.

Daniela’s goal is too bring out the beauty in everyone and leave those for whom she has done makeup for, feeling and looking much better than they ever have before. She believes in really connecting to her clients on a deeper level to help them find their true meaning of beauty. Just by her skill as a makeup artist and her philosophy as a person, we are not surprised that she won the People’s Choice Makeup Artist award at the North American Hair Styling Awards (NAHA).

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Daniela to get to know her and all that she has achieved in her lifetime. Keep reading to find out about everything about Daniela from her favorite makeup looks to the hardest job she has ever done.

Tell us about yourself.
I am an extremely passionate makeup artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  I’m originally from Chile and my parents brought me to the USA to live the American dream when I was a little girl.  Doing makeup and developing my skills has been my main focus from my earliest memories!  Outside of makeup, I love music, fashion, and chocolate!
What was the exact moment in life when you realized you were meant to become a makeup artist?
There is not a day I can remember that I didn’t want to do makeup.  I did find out it was actually a career when I was 11 after moving to the USA.  I saw a beautiful Latina girl with bright green eyeshadow and, at that moment, I knew that I could do what I love and actually make a career out of it!
Did an event or person in your life inspire you to pursue a career in makeup?
When I was little, my aunt gave me lip glosses for my birthday because she knew I was always “borrowing” my mom and grandma’s makeup to experiment.
Did you ever go to school to study cosmetology or are you self taught?
I did go to cosmetology school years ago, but I decided to continue my main focus on my passion of makeup ever since then!
How do you think your makeup styles and techniques have changed over your 12 years of being a makeup artist?
Styles and products are always changing, which forces me to evolve and grow.  And, even though I’ve evolved over the years, I’m not afraid or unwilling to do any type of look for everything from editorial and red carpet to avant-garde.  I am always sharpening my technique and I love and am always willing to keep learning!
Are you a solo makeup artist or are you assisted by anyone?
I am a solo freelance artist currently.
What is your favorite makeup look you have done on a client? 
That’s a great question!  To say I have a favorite is like a parent saying they have a favorite child.  To me, my favorite part is the transformation and how it makes my client feel in the end.  That is absolutely priceless to me!
What his your favorite glam makeup look you have done on a client?
The most recent favorite glam look was one I did for a client attending the Oscars.  It was just classic, timeless, and beautiful just like my client.
What is your own go to makeup look?
My own go to look is sultry and daring.  I will wear ALL the colors!
Do you prefer a more subtle look or a full out, glam look?
That is also a great question!  For me, it really depends on the occasion as well as the vibe of the client.
What has been your favorite job you have ever done?
I’ve gotten equal satisfaction from working directly with clients and from educating makeup students.  I love connecting with people!  I think for me, to be specific, my favorite jobs are the ones that seemed impossible and hard, but in the end I just went for it and I walked away feeling even more proud of my work because of the challenge of it!
Is there anything you would change about a past job?
Contracts!  Just make sure you have contracts…plain and simple!
What was the most stressful job you took on and how did you handle that pressure?
I can think of several over 12+ years, but the one that was probably most stressful was a movie I did working very long hours during one of the hottest summers in LA.  We weren’t allowed to have a/c because of the sound and I was trying to make sure the makeup wasn’t melting in the heat!  But, overall, it was an amazing experience and very fulfilling after so much hard work!
Do you travel a lot? If so, what was your favorite destination?
I work a lot locally because there is always something going on in LA.  I have traveled some in the states and will have more opportunities later this year to travel more including internationally.  When you travel for work, you’re very busy and don’t really get to enjoy the locations as much as you might want to.
Personally, what do you like to do in your free time? Any hobbies or interests?
I like cooking/baking, going to concerts, and exploring LA including all the theme parks, comedy shows, beaches, etc!  I like to travel and find ways to relax and be around people.
Do you think you would like to pursue another career in the beauty industry besides makeup? Or maybe another career outside of the beauty industry?
Honestly, no, because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do and I can’t see myself doing anything else.
What is your biggest dream when it comes to your career?
I really want to do makeup for Beyoncé, the Kardashians, Alicia Keys, Olivia Culpo, Scarlett Johansson, J. Lo, Rihanna, and the list goes on and on.  I know that each one of them would love my work for a variety of individual reasons!
Where do you see yourself in the upcoming years?
I see myself doing makeup for the people I just listed as well as awards shows, concert tours, big editorial shoots, and more!
Any last words to your fans and our CelebMix readers?
I have some amazing, very loyal followers and fans who I love and who have helped keep me going and kept me inspired!  As far as advice, I would just encourage all of us to be consistent, persistent, and never stop learning because nothing feels better than to be able to do what you love as a career!
You can find Daniela on Instagram @daniexpertmua, on Twitter @DaniexpertMUA, and on Facebook @daniexpertmua. Daniela Rowson can also be contacted through Sixx Media on Instagram @sixxmedia, on Twitter @sixxmedia, or by email: sixxmedia@gmail.com.

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