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For those who aren’t familiar with the band “Moving Out”, they’re a pop/punk/ambient band from Ashburn, Virginia. They describe their music as “sad lyrics” and “happy melodies”. The 3 boys who make up the band are Alex Taylor (22), Jeremy Heath (21) and Tyler Adlam (20) who seem to be fun-loving and high-spirited. They’re a promising reminder of what is still to come from music. In a world of mixed genres, this band takes the cake in what’s new.

We caught up with the band at a local music festival in the mountains of West Virginia. Noblefest is held on a large plot of land near the Shenandoah River in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. At first glance the band would almost seem timid, but once we got to talking, they were all but that.

What’s it like working together? How did you meet?

Alex: “Well, I’ve been working with Tyler for almost 3 years now, we knew Jeremy for a while, but we were scared to talk to him, because he’s really scary on Twitter.” [everyone laughs]

Tyler: “I don’t think I ever talked to him before you talked to him.”

Jeremy: “We just had a lot of mutual friends.”

Alex: “Yeah, we met at uh- I used to be in a band called “Timberbrooke” and we went to our drummer’s birthday party and I met Jeremy there. Tyler and I left that band, and focused on “Along The Way”, which was a band that broke up. So Tyler and I had a bunch of songs we wanted to play, so we decided to start another band, and we got Jeremy to play drums for us.”

You have your own thing don’t you? A solo project? [directed to Jeremy]

Jeremy: “Yeah, Wimbledon Alley, I have acoustic stuff going and I do full band stuff, but I don’t have a band to play with.”

Alex: “It’s really solid record. It’s fun.”

Tell me about what singles you have, videos or tours you’re doing.

Alex: “We have a single called “10 Hour Drive” that’s out now. It was an “Along The Way” song that we kind of took over to be the merger to Moving Out. We were working on it for awhile and it involved a lot so we really like the song. As for shows, we have today (Noblefest), which is great and we have a show September 3rd at Jammin’ Java with “This Is All Now”, who are a really cool Pop/Rock band. And our friends “Wild Love” are playing too. And we have a house show in Philly coming up too.”

What would you say your target audience is? Who are you for fans of?

Jeremy: “People like our age, people who are trying to move out. It’s our name.”

Tyler: “It’s for anyone. Anyone who wants to listen to us and that’s what’s great.”

Alex: “People always say we have to label by genre, but I’d like to say we write about anything we have going on around us. Just coping with being our age. We all listen to different things.”

Alex suggests, Alright, name your top 3 favorite bands, guys.

Tyler: “Well, “The Front Bottoms” are definitely up there. “The Story So Far” are always a huge influence, I’m sure Jeremy is gonna say the same. (Jeremy smiles and nods) And probably “Pierce The Veil”.”

Jeremy: “I’d have to also say “The Story So Far”, they’re one of my favorite bands. “Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!” is another big influence, but I think I’ll give those two for now.”

Alex: “Uh, this is gonna sound ridiculous and you’re probably gonna laugh, but I’m a fan of early Demi Lovato.”

Tyler: “I have to agree with that too.”

Alex: “I listen to a lot of “La La Land” and “Here We Go Again”. They’re like top on my running playlist. As for guitar stuff, I like “Circa Survive”, I would also say “Turnover” and “The Cure”. We take all sorts of stuff. We like Justin Bieber too, we love “What Do You Mean”.”

Sing a little bit.

inaudible “doo-doos” and interesting harmonies are done
[everyone laughs]

Jeremy: “I can’t say that I do that often.”

Alex: “Don’t put that in there.”

Oh, it’s getting put in there.

Tyler: “That’s perfect.” [everyone laughs]

What are your favorite animals and why?

All: “DOGS.”

Tyler: “Yeah we like dogs, but I have to share my cat story. I used to really enjoy cats and I would wear this sweatshirt like everywhere and everybody would be like “why is your cat sweatshirt staring at me”? It had like really big eyes on it and so I thought it’d be funny to get a cat shirt and wear it under the cat sweatshirt and when everybody was like “okay, your cat sweatshirt needs to go”, I took it off and there was the cat shirt with the same exact cat on it and that’s a great story.”

[everyone laughs]

Alex: “My favorite animal ever though is probably Quagsire…”

[everyone looks confused]

Alex: “It’s a pokemon…”

Jeremy: “Definitely just dogs.”

You’ve kind of already answered it, but why the name Moving Out?

Alex: “Coming up with a band name is already hard…”

Actually, why have you chosen all of the band names you’ve had?

Tyler: “First I was in a band that was after All Time Low, cause I was really into All Time Low. And then I was in a few bands that didn’t have names…and I was in “Timberbrooke”. That was really more of a band Alex was in.”

Alex: “Timberbrooke” as you know, some people would not agree…We practiced at “Timberbrooke” place and the name we were gonna be called was “You First” and we didn’t like that name but we couldn’t think of anything else. So our singer said a bunch of stuff like driving by signs and saying the first thing she saw…and we looked at each other and said “Timberbrooke” and it just stuck.”

Tyler: “So yeah, “Along The Way”, was actually a “Pierce The Veil” lyric, it was like a background lyric. I said it was really cool because it went along with life.”

Why isn’t Along the Way a thing anymore?

Alex: “Well one of the bands playing tonight is “Wild Love” and our old guitar player and singer joined that band and I don’t think he would have been cool with us keeping that name. We wanted to do something much different too.”

Tyler: “And when we added Jeremy it was a different vibe. And with Moving Out, we got the inspiration from Lord of the Rings.”

Jeremy: “Yeah we have the books and we just opened up to random pages and those were the first words that popped up.”

Tyler: “We definitely said it just looked cool and fit us. We’ve all been all over the place and somehow we all ended up here.”

Jeremy: “All of my bands, let me think…Well it was hard for me because I was in high school in Japan on an navy base, but it was hard to get together. But I did have a band, we were called “Surrender The Crown”. That’s all I wanna say about that. [everyone laughs] Wimbledon Alley though, they have the Womble Gate as the entrance to the base, but my friend texted it and it auto-corrected to Wimbledon Gate, which I learned is a tennis thing…but a friend of mine was jokingly saying I should call it Wimbledon Alley, but I actually used it and made the Facebook page. It just stuck and I like it.”

How did you guys get into the instruments you play or the idea of being in a band?

Tyler: “I always wanted to play drums, but I could never get drums or play them, so I remembered begging my dad for a guitar. He would get the cheap ones from like Walmart, but after that I got an electric guitar and just joined a band like a month later. I was running in class and this kid asked me if I played guitar and I told him I was teaching myself and he told me to be in a band with him. And that’s how I started.”

Jeremy: “For me, I was fortunate enough because my Mom’s a percussionist. So I picked up my love of drums from her, and then my sister had a guitar and that’s how I learned guitar. Recently I picked up vocals.”

You guys are actually really great vocalists.

Jeremy: “Aw, thanks!”

Alex: “I had a good friend of mine, he passed away, but before he did he gave me his guitar and I never touched it for awhile, but when I wanted to start music I picked it up. I played music around Jersey. I didn’t have many friends in school so I pushed into music more. And when I moved to Virginia I played guitar more.”

Are you guys into the festival? Who’s your favorite here?

Alex: “That’s hard, we know everyone here. We played in “Timberbrooke”, and then “Wild Love” is our friends.”

Jeremy: “We’re all in the same area and the same scene so it’s hard to pick.”

Alex: “The Letter 6”, we love that band… “Wimbledon Alley” sucks though. [everyone laughs] Pulses was sweet.”

Jeremy: “Yeah there’s a lot of good bands here.”

As we were wrapping up, Alex had some parting words.

Alex: “We hope this interview didn’t suck and we hope your readers like us.”

Moving Out is a band that needs to be watched. They have potential to go places and change people with the music they write and perform.

If you live in the Virginia area, make sure to see them September 3rd at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA.

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