Exclusive: Interview with Natalie Loren Kwatinetz

Natalie Loren Kwatinetz is one of our favorite versatile actresses. A strong woman with martial arts training and phenomenal acting chops make her one to watch in awe. CelebMix chatted with Natalie about her favorite places, favorite roles, and what made her the actress she is today.

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1) What made you want to pursue acting/a career in entertainment?
Growing up, I always had a love for movies, especially American films. I started acting in school plays and loved it!

2) What have been some of your favorite roles to play so far? What is your dream role and why?
I did a short film about Jackie Kennedy. It was really interesting to explore her character. My dream role would be to play a bad-ass, because that would be really fun!

3) Tell us about “The Tribes of Palos Verdes”? What is the film about? Who is your character in the film and what is she like?
“The Tribes of Palos Verdes” is an upcoming coming-of-age movie based on the debut novel by Joy Nicholson. It’s about a family who move to Palos Verdes. The mom, played by Jennifer Garner, is on the edge of a nervous breakdown and the father is a surgeon to the stars. Their teenage daughter turns to surfing to escape her troubled home life. I play Gina, one of the tennis ladies at the club, who annoys Jennifer Garner’s character.

4) What drew you to the project when you read the script? Why do you think others will love this film?
I was drawn to the project because it is a very emotional story, and I really loved the characters. I think people will fall in love with the characters, just like I did.

5) You enjoy martial arts. What got you into it?
I’ve always loved martial arts! My mum actually put me in karate lessons when I was very young. As I got older, I continued to practice martial arts.

6) Where do you enjoy living more: Liverpool, Los Angeles or New York? Why?
I haven’t lived in England for a while but I do miss it. Right now, I’m living between Los Angeles and New York. I love the energy of New York and the theater. Los Angeles is great for having a healthy lifestyle — you can hike and the weather is beautiful!

7) Will you pursue something behind the scenes one day like writing, directing or producing? If you could write/direct/produce, what kind of project would it be and who would you want to work with?
Absolutely! I would love to write and direct! It would be a passion project — a story that I think could make a difference. As for people, I’d like to work with… there so many people I’d love to work with!

8) What can we expect in the future from you? What is the main goal that you want to achieve this year?
My main goal is to keep being creative and working on great projects. I’m excited about this year — there are lots of interesting things happening!

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

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