Exclusive Interview: Phil Soda about his inspiration, growing massive social media fanbase, and plans for 2022

Phil Soda is one of the most successful German content creators on TikTok, and is now ready to kick it off with his big passion: making music! He’s already proven himself as a producer and DJ: His previous releases via the tastemaker labels ChillYourMind and Selected saw him accumulating millions of plays within just a few months.

Recently Phil Soda released his first single via Columbia Records: ‘Look Back’. With vocals by Thandi, the energetic dance track delivers somber sounds that provide the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming cold season.

We had an opportunity to chat with him about his inspiration when it comes to creating music, growing massive fanbase and followers on social media, and plans for 2022.

Hi Phil, how is 2021 closing for you?

It’s been a great year! I got to know many inspirational people and I had the pleasure to build a very good team who is doing a very great job! So I’m set to close this year very grateful and in a happy place! 

You’ve just released ‘Look Back’, tell us about the track and the inspirations behind it?

I was in contact with Thandi for a longer time and we always wanted to work together, so one day I sent him this really rough instrumental idea of ’Look Back’ and all he said was ”Dude, my head is full of ideas from this. Literally! Let me record some stuff and I’ll call you back!“, so we sent our ideas back and forth until we were happy with it.

You have released on many other labels, well done on this major label debut! What draws you into releasing under a certain imprint? 

There is a community behind every imprint and knowing you release a specific genre, you want to tap into that fanbase. Some labels are more on the tropical house side and some more on the deep house; Some have more fans in Europe some more in the US. Each label represents a potential new audience. All the imprints also have a long standing history and being able to release on several labels in the beginning is great fun and offers wonderful insights.

Is it sharing a roster with artists you feel you resonate with, or is it more personal?

To be honest, the dream is of a free hustle sold separately. Of course, when you see certain artists shine on labels its intriguing but to be frank, if you know the industry well you should be smart enough to not tap into any naive decisions. My team and I went through my feelings and direction and options and you can very swiftly gage who really likes your project. For me, the team at Sony/ Columbia was amazing from the get go!

What led you into production, and in particularly this deeper house sound you create? Who are your inspirations?

I was always very inspired and influenced by music. I always showed my friends new songs even just from a fan level and always connected with the speakers at party’s. Oke day I thought, why not making my own music? So I got into Producing and djing for my own. It took me sone time to release my first song but now I’m happy that I chose That Part. My inspirations are on one hand Joel Corry, I really love his tasteful music and his live sets. I have always a Joel Corry song on my set. On the other hand I’m a big fan of James Hype, besides his good music, he is such a genius on the decks.

You have amassed a huge social media following! What is it that appeals to you with social media that enables you to show your fans another side of yourself?

Social Media is a very nice tool to connect with your fans. They get to know me better and see the Person behind the Music. I share trough social Media different styles of music or remixes of funny memes on tik tok. Also showing the people my character and moments of my life.  

We all understand it has been a difficult year with restrictions, but are you hoping to play some live sets when available? 

Yes, especially as a newcomer during the pandemic it’s very hard. I wanna put myself out there and play as much shows as I can. Really go ok stage an connect with the people. Let’s see how 2022 goes. 

Please tell us what we can expect!

You can expect a lot of new music and I the stories behind the songs. I gonna put out a lot of content and play in big clubs from Germany and hopefully in other countries as well. 

Please tell us what is next for you!

I gonna spent the winter time in the studio. Winter is for me a season where I pull myself back and have time to plan my next steps. 

We are hoping you’re looking forward to 2022, thanks for speaking with us!

Thank you for having me! It’s been a pleasure 

Written by Lena

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