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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pink Angels chat about new single ‘Mamma Don’t Lie’

Pink Angels are back and ready to take 2017 by storm.

The girls recently released their new single ‘Mamma Don’t Lie’, the first track to be taken from their forthcoming debut album. We also had the exclusive premiere of its music video earlier today, which you can check out right here.

As well as new music, we can expect a whole lot more from Pink Angels this year. From touring with Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki, to filming a feature-length movie and starring in their own reality TV show, the girlband are about to well and truly own the year.

We recently caught up with Tereza, Natalie, Angee and Nikki for the lowdown on their new single, upcoming live shows and what else we can expect from Pink Angels later this year.


Hi girls! Thank you for your time today. The last time we caught up with you, you’d just released ‘Slay Mama’ and were touring with Union J and Sam Bailey. How are you doing, and what have you been up to since then?

Tereza: We’re great! We did some shows in clubs in the UK and we also had some great fireworks shows. One of the best ones was in Brighton, there were almost 30,000 people! It was a great experience.

Natalie: Hi! We’re doing great! Since we last spoke we’ve had lots of festivals and gigs both in the Czech Republic and the UK.

Angee: Hello! We’re doing very well, thank you! We’re going to be going on tour again soon and we have the reality show coming up.

We’re loving your new track, ‘Mamma Don’t Lie’. Why did you choose this particular song as the first to be released from your debut album?

Tereza: We picked ‘Mamma Don’t Lie’ because we think it’s the best song! It’s a song full of energy and it always makes me happy.

Nikki: We wanted to put this single out earlier but decided to go with ‘Slay Mama’ first so people could hear a bit about us.

Natalie: We chose this song because of the girl power vibe it has.

Angee: Thank you so much! I think that this song has a unique power! Whenever we asked people which of our songs they liked, they said ‘Mamma Don’t Lie’ is the best one!

The video for it is awesome – we love all of the choreography! How was the filming experience?

Tereza: Thank you so much! Filming it was awesome. It’s our first video filmed just in the studio. I love the energy of the video with the lights and all the effects around it.

Nikki: We had so much fun with the team. Everybody was saying “Get some rest, today was hard!” but I honestly never knew why, to me that was just a fun day!

Natalie: We worked really hard on the choreography, so I’m glad you like it. It was amazing! We always enjoy making videos.

Angee: We filmed it in Manchester. It was such a great day! We shot all day, it was so much fun.

Talking about your debut album, when can we expect it?

Tereza: We already have the whole album finished with 10 songs but we’re trying to make them a bit tougher and add some drops in them. Maybe we’ll make more changes.

Nikki: Soon! We’ll be releasing it soon but we’re not too sure on the date yet.

Natalie: It’s going to be absolutely different to the songs that we’ve made before but I’m sure you will like it. We call our new songs pop with more attitude.

Angee: It will be this year. We’re still not sure when exactly but you’ll find out soon.

As well as being talented singers and dancers, you can also play the piano and guitar. Will be get to hear/see that in your future music?

Tereza: I used to play the piano, but that was maybe six or more years ago. So at the moment I can’t play anything!

Nikki: Maybe in the future! I’d love to play the guitar.

Natalie: It’s going to be a surprise!

Angee: Not from me haha! I used to play the cello but I’ve forgotten everything which is a shame. I might have to start playing again.

You toured a lot throughout last year – what was your favourite show/festival?

Tereza: The best festival for me was SunDown because we got to meet my biggest inspiration Jessie J! That was a dream come true for me, but we also had a really good show at Wembley Arena with Little Mix. There were 25,000 people there!

Nikki: My favourite festival was The Grove. We sang our last song and there was fireworks behind us. I had tears in my eyes, it was so magical.

Natalie: My favourite festival was Fusion Festival in Liverpool with Jason Derulo.

Angee: Probably the bonfire night shows that we played. It was so magical to play there. We met so many nice people there, I hope we can do them again.

We saw you at Fusion Festival (you were fab!) – do you find there’s a different atmosphere when you play outdoor shows?

Tereza: Ooh, thank you so much! I think the difference is that when you’re playing in a hall, people are just watching your show but at the outdoor shows they’re doing other things too because there are so many attractions.

Nikki: I think the biggest difference is the time of day we play, the atmosphere is different if we play the day or night.

Natalie: Thanks! I don’t there’s that much of a difference. Although it’s more uncomfortable to play outdoors in the winter.

Angee: I feel like there’s a better connection to the fans when we play outdoors in daylight. When it’s dark or indoors you can only see the first few rows.

This year you’re going to be touring Japan and Korea with Steve Aoki and Calvin Harris, which is incredible! How does it feel to be supporting such huge artists in the industry?

Tereza: We are so excited! We love DJs and these two are so huge! We love their songs so can’t wait.

Nikki: I have never been more excited about anything in my life! It honestly feels like a dream. I’ll be super nervous about meeting them… wish me luck on getting a cool selfie!

Natalie: I still can’t believe it! It’s so amazing! It feels like a dream.

Angee: I am a huge fan of EDM music and to see and perform on the same stage as Calvin or Steve is a dream come true. I still cannot believe it.

You’re currently filming a reality show called ‘Pinks Across Europe’, documenting your travels across Europe. What’s been the most memorable thing to happen whilst filming so far?

Nikki: We left Tereza at a gas station. That was super funny!

Natalie: I’m always late or asleep! I love that we’re being ourselves in the show, it’s easy to film.

Angee: When we shot the pilot, we had a gig but Natalie fell asleep in her hotel room so we had to wake her up but, of course, we were late!

You’ll also be starring in a movie later this year. What can you tell us about that?

Tereza: We’ve seen the idea for the script and it sounds so good, we’re so excited!

Nikki: We’ll soon be shooting the movie in LA, it will involve lots of singing and dancing.

Natalie: We’re really looking forward to it!

Angee: We can’t say too much yet but we cannot wait.

2017 sounds like it’s going to be an enormous year for you – do you have anything else lined up that you’d like to tell us about?

Tereza: We have so many plans for this year. We’ll definitely be doing some summer festivals and more club shows.

Nikki: 2017 is all about our new album, loads of gigs, the movie, and our reality show. Hope you guys will like what we’ve been preparing for you!

Natalie: Hopefully it will be enormous! I think you named everything, we’ll have to see what the future holds. Wish us luck!

Angee: I hope so! We’ll be performing at a lot of different festivals in the UK and the Czech Republic. We’ll be going on tour in England soon.

Thank you so much to the lovely Pink Angels girls for their time! Remember to check out their video for ‘Mamma Don’t Lie’ and grab your copy via iTunes or Spotify now.

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