EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rough Copy

Rough Copy, made up of members Kaz, Sterling and Joey, who came fourth on The X Factor in 2013 and have released two singles, ‘Street Love’ and ‘Same Formula’, are set to release their debut EP over the summer.

Prior to this, they have unveiled a ‘Viral Refix EP’ – made up of covers and refixes of popular songs from the past year. The band are now independent artists and say that the ‘Viral Refix EP’ is to ‘whet your appetite and show you that we haven’t lost any of the artistry, musicianship and versatility, that many first fell in love with.’ We caught up with Rough Copy to ask them about their project and what’s lined up for them in the future.

CM: How are you?

RC: We are great, excited to still be here making music and following our passion.

CM: The ‘Viral Refix’ EP is quite different from previous singles ‘Street Love’ and ‘Same Formula.’ What inspired the new sound?

RC: The #ViralRefix project was a no boundary project, we wanted to do something that people could relate to that also showcases our electric art for music. This is just a stepping stone to what we got coming.

CM: What can fans expect from your debut EP which is due to be released over the summer?

RC: At the moment, we are just gearing up to flood the scene with an array of tasteful music so talks of EP at the moment is unsure, it’s just a lot of music releases.

CM: How does it feel being independent artists now?

RC: Independent artistry is equally as hard as being a signed artist so we are just re-establishing our foundation as the UK #RNBavengers.

CM: What makes Rough Copy unique?

RC: The energy we bring is infectious, a lot of artists or groups you have nowadays do not process that kind of energy or aura to light up a room. We are “old souls” with a lot of wisdom and knowledge in this game we call the music industry, and on top we are great singers and entertainers.

CM: If you were to describe the new EP in 3 words, what would they be?

Electric, tasteful, innovative.

CM: Any advice for aspiring musicians?

RC: Do you and be sure in who you are as an artist and as a person.

CM: Do you still watch X Factor? What do you think about the new judging line up for this year?

RC: Upmost respect for X Factor but we do not indulge in it as much as we used to. We have been busy working towards fulfilling our dreams, that said, we are thankful for the opportunity and experience the platform provided us.

CM: Do you still keep in contact with your mentor, Gary Barlow?

RC: No, two different worlds.

CM: How has your life changed since X Factor?

RC: Dramatically changed. We now have more knowledge about the music industry we all so want to be involved in. There is a massive different between music and the music industry.

CM: Any upcoming gigs or summer festivals planned?

RC: A few gigs and festivals planned, check out our social media handles for updated information.

CM: If you had the chance to collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

RC: Upcoming artists who are as hungry as we are. It’s not always about working with “A” line up artist, it’s about chemistry and enjoying the process and experience with the collaborator.

CM: Finally, have you a message for your fans?

RC: We appreciate all your support over the years and for sticking with us from our earlier years. We love you all. The best is yet to come. #RC123


From everyone here at CelebMix, we wish Rough Copy luck with their new project!

Written by Rachel Dempster