EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sean Bradford Talks “Kiss You Sober” Single

It’s been over three weeks since Sean Bradford dropped his incredible collaborative single with Claremont, titled “Kiss You Sober”. It’s a track we haven’t been able to stop playing and it is certainly racking up the streams on Spotify.

It was his second collaborative single with Claremont, after “Do You Feel”. He previously went viral with a refresh cover version of Adele’s “Hello” – which we highly suggest you listen to.

Lucky for us, Sean Bradford found some time to have an interview with us. He talked to us about “Kiss You Sober“, what it was like collaborating with Claremont, as well as his other ventures.

Hi Sean Bradford, thank you for taking some time to answer our questions today. We hope you are well. What have you been up to lately?

Thanks for the interview. I just finished touring in Sweden this summer with Corona Sunsets and some special events. We did twenty-five events, which was really fun. It’s fun to get to DJ out in the summer and help bring a different kind of vibe to the dance floor in Sweden. And I’ve also been working on some new music for the fall.

You recently released the song “Kiss You Sober”, could you tell us about it?

Sure. It’s part of a project I’m working on at the moment called :NMDS LND. And it’s my second collab with Claremont. It took about a year and a half from the idea until what you hear now.

What has the reaction been like?

Yeah, people really like it. It’s a bit different in that it intentionally takes a lot of time to build to the hook. And it’s been great doing it live. I sang it at a mini-festival in the Netherlands this summer, and people were singing along by the second chorus, without having heard the song before.

What was it like collaborating with Claremont?

It has been really great, I appreciate their understanding of what I’m trying to do, mixing elements of both the underground and the mainstream. We’re working on some other music and hopefully, we’ll get to play out together

What does the song mean to you?

It’s inspired from when I was writing in Lisbon, Portugal last year. It’s basically about connecting so intensely with someone you just met but being under the influence so not quite sure if the feeling is real. And worrying that sober you might not ever get the same moment again.

What are your favourite lyrics from the song?

Well, I love the first line: “You showed me the city from your favourite view” because it’s very specific to Lisbon. They have all of these lookout points that are really unbelievable.

Also, “emotions hitting so strong, through the haze I can see the sun” because that initial feeling when you first start falling for someone new is hypnotic.

It currently has just over 14,000 Spotify streams in just two weeks, how does that make you feel?

It’s so cool that people are listening to the song all over the world. I started making music four years ago with no clue of what I was doing, so to keep a getting positive response, really fuels me to keep going.

Could it lead to another EP release?

Yeah, or straight to an album. There’s another single coming in the fall and I think the ://NMDS LND concept will start to make sense, but there’s definitely a larger project coming soon.

This is the second time you’ve released a collaboration with Claremont, your first being “Do You Feel”, tell us about that song.

“Do You Feel” is pure piano house. Claremont had an idea for an instrumental, and when I heard it I immediately had a strong idea for the lyrics and melody. It’s just feel good summer house!

Now, you hit it big with your deep house rework of Adele’s “Hello”, which has over two million Spotify streams. How was it releasing that song and seeing it become popular?

Well, I think I still have a long way to go. But it was crazy the response to this rework. I think it just stood out because a lot of people were covering, but it didn’t sound like anyone else’s really. I definitely learned a lot before and after dealing with that track though.

“Hello” is currently the only song that has had a music video released. Do you have plans to release any more music videos in the future?

Yes! I want to make so many music videos and visuals, with dancing and great storytelling. But I also want to do it when I have the resources and ability to make them really strong. I’m hoping to do some dope visuals surrounding the ://NMDS Concept.

You’ve done quite a bit of theatre in your past, what has been your favourite production?

Nothing can beat the first time I went on as Simba in The Lion King on Broadway in front of 1600 people. But I personally love Stephen Sondheim.

Not only that, but you also contribute to the Huffington Post, how did that come about?

I’ve always been into writing, and I pitched a few different ideas to them before I was given the contributor opportunity. And then it just sort of grew to a point where I get to cover all aspects of dance music as well as lifestyle. It’s been rewarding to learn about the scene and also be up to date with new releases.

Your EP was crowd-funded and reached number three on the iTunes Dance Charts in Sweden, tell us about your EP and what it felt like to see it at that chart position. 

The EP was me saying ok I’m going to try this music thing! And I got so much support, so many people helped and produced with me on that project. So for it to get recognition, made me confident that I’d made the right choice to leave New York and start as a musician. I’m thankful for all the early support I received and it’s also crazy how much I’ve learned since that project.

What are your five favourite songs right now?

“Shockandawe” by Miguel – It just came out and is so hot. Sounds like Pharrell on the production, but I’m not sure. [It’s actually produced by Pop & Oak – known for hits such as Usher’s “Good Kisser”, Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry”, and Snakehips & Anne-Marie’s “Either Way” feat. Joey Bada$$]

“Glue” by Bicep – This track is so good, we played it out all summer.

“Look Like Lovers” by Erik Rapp – Erik Rapp is a Swedish artist and his voice is gold.

“Sensation (feat. Amelia Sear)” by Jacky – Weekend vibes all the way.

“Desperado (MK Remix)” by Rihanna – MK is such a great producer and remixer and the rework of this track is dope.

What have you learned over the past few years about the music industry?

Whew! That’s a tough question. I guess I already knew it would be hard, but it’s definitely different once you’re inside of it. It can be challenging to bring your vision into reality, and surrounding yourself with a team that can help accomplish is important. That’s something I’m still working on. Also, I learned, you better tune and comp those vocals!

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Thank you. It means so much that you are so passionate about what I’m doing. And if there’s something that you want in your own life, don’t give up. I’m really looking forward to sharing and making more art with you.

Thank you for the interview, we love your new single “Kiss You Sober” and can’t wait to see what you release next.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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