Exclusive: Interview with Singer Isabella

Isabella has a hot new single that is perfect to spice up your winter blues. Her sultry voice and international pop sound will get you dancing no matter where you are. CelebMix sat down to talk to the songstress about her new single, her inspirations, and what she has in store for us in 2017.


1) How would you describe your sound?
International Latin pop-soul. I’m working on creating a new sound that is a mix of soul, Latin, alternative and pop. I like to write from experience, imagination and inspiration and combine different styles of music through my creativity.

2) Who or what are some of your musical influences? Why?
My influences have been the greats of salsa as well as Puerto Rican, French and Spanish folkloric music, rock n’ roll and classical music. I grew up listening to Juan Luis Guerra, Gilberto Santa Rosa, La Lupe, Luis Miguel, Mariah Carey and Gipsy Kings, and was later introduced to the rock legends. I’m influenced by bohemian and eclectic art. Olé, of course, is influenced by flamenco culture.

3) Your EP’s theme is love. What aspects of love are you focusing on in these songs?
Love that transcends time and is sacrificial. I believe the only love that exists always involves sacrifice. I explore what it means to love under tension while being in a place of inner transformation. Likewise, there is a sense of destiny to be with the person one’s heart desires.


4) Tell us about your single “Olé”. What was the writing process like? How long did it take you finish writing it? What was the song inspired by?
I started writing Olé from the chorus. The last thing to be written were the verses. I took a new approach to writing the verses; instead of writing from experience, I focused on a concept. The idea came from imagery in my mind from a series of books.

5) What artistically drew you to music? Why did you want to pursue it as a career?
Aside from having a natural aptitude towards music, I always saw it as the best way to communicate a message. I find it very inspiring that every person can use who they are as an instrument. I sing, dance, and play the piano; I am also dynamic in making rhythms. I think all of us can do one or more of these things. I’ve been inspired to be a musician so I can connect and share something unique with others.

6) Do you have any plans right now beyond your EP? Perhaps a tour?
I would love to go on tour! I’ve been thinking about touring Spain, Latin America and the east coast (especially because of Olé). I’m focusing on creating more songs from the premise of this single and inspired to continue exploring the themes of Olé in future material.

You can find out more about Isabella on her website.

You can also purchase Ole on iTunes.

Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.