Exclusive: Interview with singer/songwriter Rayla

When it comes to music, an artist’s age does not matter. Be it Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello or BTS, young artists are working hard to leave their mark in the world and they are succeeding at it.

The journey to success always begins with a small step. Rayla is a 16-year old singer/songwriter who has been paving a path for herself. The singer garnered attention with her covers when she released her renditions of “Mercy” and “Shout Out to My Ex”. This year, taking the next big step, Rayla has released her debut single “Boys like You”.

CelebMix talked to her about the single, her musical inspirations, plans for 2018 and much more. Check out the complete interview below:

Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

Well my name is Rayla and I’m a 16 year old singer/songwriter. I spend most of my days working in the studio. On the days I’m not in the studio, I’m home doing schoolwork because I’m homeschooled – yay. So I try to make sure I am in the studio as much as possible.

How did your journey as a singer and a songwriter begin?

For as long as I can remember I loved to sing and perform.  I used to perform on top of the dishwasher and wrote my first song when I was five. From there I started to perform locally and writing a lot with my peers and then I started to travel to write and perform. It was just something I have always wanted to do.

Rayla, we would like to know your perception of art. That is, how do you perceive music?

I think music provides a really special way to communicate. If you think about it, music crosses all types of cultures and really brings people together. For me, music has the power to express feelings, change your mood and share experiences. On the creative side, the ability to take an idea or an experience and see it develop into a song and have people relate to it is the best part and that to me is true art.

Considering that you have now embarked on the journey to become a musician, do you think you have found your sound or are you still experimenting with it?

My sound has definitely changed since I was younger and I now know who I am as an artist and know my sound but I think as I mature and go through more life experiences and have other influences my sound will naturally evolve. I don’t limit myself to one thing when I am in the studio, I love to experiment and come up with new soundsand vibes.

As a songwriter, where do you draw your inspirations from?

This is one of my favorite parts about being an artist and a songwriter. I know that even when bad things happen a good song could come out of it. I draw inspiration from everything.  From things that happen to me, to things that happen every day in the world and from things my friends and family are going through.

Do you have an idol you look up to for musical inspiration?

When it comes to music I love all types of artist, but when it comes to inspiration for my music, I love Katy Perry’s music, I love the way Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran write, and I think the way Halsey sings is dope – I have a total girl crush on her.

You have collaborated with different artists for your covers. Which has been your favorite collaboration so far?

My favorite experience is when I did a cover by “OneRepublic”, with this amazing duo, Fly By Midnight. The video was done on a boat so it was really challenging to keep my hair out of my face but it was so much fun and the video came out great.


Congratulations on releasing “Boys Like You”. Please tell us about the single.

Thank you so much! “Boys Like You” is definitely the most vulnerable and personal song I have created so far. I took a personal experience and think it really fit with all that was going on in the world. I was nervous to release it at first because it was literally like releasing my personal diary. I am so happy it is out now and doing so well and couldn’t be more excited about the results!

The single seems to portray a masochistic protagonist but surprisingly the song ends on an empowering note. What made you create such narrative for the single?

There was this one day I walked into the studio and I was having a pretty bad day and of course I was upset over a boy. So I decided to write a very honest song, even if it meant I would never release it. I needed to just get it off my chest, so I sat down with my co-writer Nikki and poured my heart out. And the result was the start of  “Boys Like You”. I walked away from the song for a few days, and when I went back to the song I felt better for getting the experience out there but upset that I let this boy have this power over me. I sort of realized who I was and that he wasn’t worth it, so I gave the song a little plot twist.

Can we expect a music video for “Boys Like You”?

That is so funny because I actually just wrapped day one of shooting.  I’m so excited, everything looks amazing. I think you guys are going to love it.

We had a look at your Instagram feed and you have a great fashion sense. How would you define your style?

Honestly, I can’t even label my fashion sense because I’m not even sure what it is. But one of my favorite things is going to different stores, collecting pieces and putting them together. I do have to give a shout out to my mom for having a good eye too.

Rayla, can our readers expect a debut album this year? Would you like to share with us, your plans for 2018?

I don’t want to speak to soon but you can definitely look out for an EP this year and my next single is on its way. So far 2018 has been treating me well!

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