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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Tasos Hernandez

You may recognise Tasos Hernandez from his time on The Bachelorette, however, there is so much more to this talented actor and musician.

Having worked on shows such as Midnight and Better Call Saul, Tasos will soon be back on our screens in new movie Just Getting Started. Starring alongside Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones, he will be playing the role of Salvador in the action comedy. Tasos will also be appearing in the sci-fi thriller Fast Color, which is due for release in 2018.

Alongside his acting, Tasos is a talented musician and songwriter. Having taught himself the guitar, piano, drums, bass and some singing, he has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Music Performance. Tasos’ time on The Bacherlorette also allowed him to fall in love with music and songwriting once more. As he had no contact with the outside world, he filled his time by putting his thoughts and emotions into words. The opportunity even saw his lyrics be sung alongside Boyz II Men.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Tasos about working with movie royalty, his time on The Bachelorette, his forthcoming projects and much more.


In ten words, tell the CelebMix readers why they need to go and watch Just Getting Started.

Freeman, Jones and Russo deliver a comedic and unforgettable performance.

You star alongside movie legends Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones. What were they like to work with during Just Getting Started?

They treated everyone with respect throughout the entire filming process. They were also very thorough with their craft and wanted to take advantage of every shot. Since they are both experienced directors, they knew the exact shot that was necessary for the scene and also wanted to experiment with some improvisation from time to time.

You’ve also got projects in the pipeline for next year, including the premiere of Fast Color. What can you tell us about the movie?

The movie is a cool sci-fi/thriller based in a dystopian future where the world’s water supply has become low and a select group of humans have developed superhuman abilities. It features amazing performances from Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beauty & The Beast), David Strathairn (Good Night & Good Luck) & Lorraine Toussaint (Orange Is The New Black).  

You’ve had roles in various TV shows and films – which has been your favourite so far?

That’s a tough one. I have had a great time on every project that I have been a part of. Simply knowing that I am a part of the story telling is the best part.  I definitely had a memorable experience on the set of Just Getting Started because of the amazing actors I had the pleasure of working with and the lessons I learned on set.

What would be your dream movie role?

I would love to take on the responsibility of a lead role in a futuristic Sci-Fi movie. That is my favorite movie genre and I love the idea of being transported into another world/dimension. It provides endless possibilities to the imagination. Additionally, I am a little bit of a nerd and enjoy the universe that Marvel has created so I would love to have a lead or supporting role in the MCU. Maybe combining the super hero role with the futuristic Sci-Fi genre? That would be incredible.   

A lot of people will know you for your time on The Bachelorette. How did you find the experience?

The experience was unique and stressful but at the same time the most eye opening experience I ever had. When you are on the show they remove you from the outside world—no TV, phones, computers, etc. Since I was completely disconnected I was able to reconnect with my creative side and rediscover my passion for song writing & acting. I had to push myself to be present and to not fear myself and my potential. After I left the show I continued to carry that same mentality with me every day.

In addition to acting, you’re a talented musician. What does music mean to you?

My music is very personal to me.  It helps me reconnect with who I was, am and who I want to be. The funny thing that I realize is that my emotional state fluctuates and my music helps me address them and work through them in a healthy and constructive way.

You’ve done a lot of songwriting over the years – can you pinpoint a favorite lyric that you’ve ever written?

Just take one second and breathe, it only takes one second to find what you need.

You’re a man of many talents – apart from everything we’ve mentioned already, you also own a DJ company and started a Spanish after-school program with your mom. What else would you like to accomplish?

I am always looking for unique investment opportunities so I would be open to investing in or helping start a new company/business.  I believe in the creation of a quality product or service so I would want to make sure whatever I was a part of matched that belief.

Is there anything else in the works than you can tell us about?

I actually just stepped of the set of NBC’s The Brave and had an amazing time filming with some familiar faces. The episode is scheduled to air in early January 2018 and I get the opportunity to show off my bilingual skills and speak Spanish for my role.  

Thank you to Tasos Hernandez for his time. Just Getting Started premieres on December 8.

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