EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tinx Talks About New EP ‘Six One Zero’

After growing up in Sweden as a child, the now 22-year-old singer/songwriter Tinx moved to England in her teens to pursue her career in music. Over the past couple of years, she has been carving out her career as a pop star and she has just released her brand new EP ‘Six One Zero’.

To coincide with the release, we got to speak with the talented musician earlier in the week about the release, her inspiration behind the EP and any future plans.

Hi Tinx, you’ve just released your debut EP ‘Six One Zero’ – how does it feel to have it finally released?

Hi! Wow, I’m truly so happy that it’s finally been released. I worked so hard on this and it feels great. I think we managed to create something very good as my first body of work and I’m so excited for the future

Tell us about your new single ‘One More Time’ – we love it! What was the writing and producing process like for this track?

Thank you!! One More Time was written by myself, Camden Cox and Tylr Rydr – who also did the production. The concept of the song is when you’ve been in this toxic relationship and you have finally come to your senses, so you both decide to move one. However, you want them just that ONE more time, you know.. because you think that will help you move on.

I love being a part of the whole process, including the production, learning along the way and sharing my opinion.

Will there be a music video for the single? Can you tell us anything about that?

YES, there will be! It’s quite an edgy music video and tells the story well but in a cool way. We shot the whole thing on film. You will see it very soon ;)

The single sets the tone of the overall EP – was ‘One More Time’ the first track written for the EP or a later realisation?

It was interestingly the LAST song written! And it was quite quickly decided it was going to be the 3rd single of the EP, as when it was done it felt complete.

The EP is named after the area code of your Swedish hometown and you also take influence from fellow Scandinavian pop stalwarts such as Robyn and Tove Lo – is home an important factor for you and your music?

My hometown, but especially my home country; Sweden is a very important factor for me. It’s where I come from and grew up, its where it all started – and I will never forget that.

The EP as a whole is upbeat whilst also touching on some pretty personal content such as breakups – was it important for you to have a meaningful EP that remained overall positive?

For me, it’s crucial that my songs are meaningful. In some way at least. I like to write songs which have a meaning to them, which people can relate too. I think we all go through similar things in life and there’s no better way than to share your own experience. I think for some people it makes them not feel alone in what they are going through. I do think it’s important to try to stay positive and see the positive over negative in life; which is clearly shown in my songs on this EP. But I am looking forward to releasing some not as positive songs in the future. Vulnerability isn’t weak and some of the most beautiful songs written are sad songs! It’s all about variation and life is full of that, and my music will reflect that.

The EP has that vibe that will sound incredible when played live. Do you have any current plans to tour the EP?

Thank you so much, that’s something I’m VERY excited about. Right now I can’t say much except that there will definitely be some live shows.

What do you hope fans take from the EP?

I hope my EP will help people feel like they aren’t alone in whatever is going on in their life and that somehow it’ll will help dealing with it.

What can we expect from you in 2019? Any New Year resolutions?

Well, more music that’s a new year resolution I can promise I’ll keep. The rest you’ll see in the new year! ;)

Check out Tinx’s new EP ‘Six One Zero’ now and look forward to new releases in 2019! Let us know your thoughts on the singer on Twitter @CelebMix


Written by hannahstrong