EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tristan and Connor from The Vamps

Last week, we spoke to Connor Ball and Tristan Evans from The Vamps following the UK leg of their Night and Day Tour and here is what they had to say:

It was great to see you guys perform at the O2, you were incredible, especially when you sang your new single Hair Too Long. Can you tell me a bit about how the song came about?

Connor: It was a song that Brad started like a year ago, maybe longer than that. It was very different though, it was really played down and then we met with a guy called Jordan Reilly and we produced it completely differently and that’s how it became what it is today.

How was filming the video?

Tristan: That was really fun to film!

When you’re songwriting, does anyone in particular have the most say or is it all of your ideas put together?

Tristan: Joe at the moment!

Connor: No, it’s all similar, we don’t argue too much over it.

Do you always write together or do you go off and do your own thing?

Tristan: It’s more on our own and then we bring it together and go back and forth. We each have our own home recording studios so it’s really easy.

You’ve got your new album coming out soon, which song are you most excited for the fans to hear?

Connor: Time Is Not On Our Side because we played that on our last tour all really acoustic and it is very different on the actual studio track so I’m excited to hear what people think.

You all have individual versions of your album available to preorder, why are yours the best?

Tristan: Because it has a track called Juicy Fruit on there and you need to check that out because it’s juicy!

Connor: It’s just cool because it’s like all our individual styles and personalities and people know what we like so if they like that then they can go and get those tracks.

Tristan: Dem tracks! Go get dem tracks!

How would you say The Vamps’ music has evolved since your first album came out?

Connor: It’s been a rollercoaster I think, it’s gone from acoustic stuff to the Wake Up album which was like dirty driven bass and stuff and then it went to All Night which is like a club tune and then the next part of the album has gone back to electric guitars. Yeah, it’s different.

You’ve release a lot of amazing collaborations along the way, is there anyone you haven’t collaborated with yet who you’d like to work with?

Tristan: Steven Tyler

And which is your favourite collaboration you’ve done so far?

Tristan: Matoma, it’s the one where it’s felt the most real. Especially when we perform it in the arenas and the CO2 canisters go off!

You’ve just finished your UK tour and you’re about to tour Europe, what songs have you been listening to whilst you’ve been on the tour bus?

Tristan: Post Malone

Connor: Mason Ramsey, the yodelling kid. It’s a good song you know!

Apart from listening to music on the tour bus, is there anything else you do to pass the time away?

Tristan: Conversation, good conversation.

Connor: Yeah, we have deep chats.

Tristan: You like this new game, what’s it called? The ball game?

Connor: Oh, we play Rocket League.

Tristan: We love that!

Connor: It’s like a car playing football, Mario Kart as well, it’s sick!

We spoke to New Hope Club earlier this month about the pranks at the end of tour, were your surprised when they came out on stage dressed as girls?

Connor: That was so funny!

Tristan: Yeah that was good actually, a lot of the audience didn’t actually realise that they were New Hope Club.

Connor: They looked so good!

Tristan: They looked pretty!

Connor: They definitely smashed it there.

Were there anymore pranks that night?

Connor: I liked the piano one, the piano came up for Brad but it was just a toy, inflatable, flat piano, which did actually work, you could press it.

Tristan: That was great, no one could see it though.

Your tribute to Manchester that night was lovely.

Connor: Thank you, yeah that was very emotional.

If you had a fan account for yourselves, what would your @ be?

Connor: @connorsballs

Tristan: Yeah! @connorsballs

A question we asked New Hope Club that was very controversial and split the band, what do you think of pineapple on pizza?

Tristan: Very good! Hawaiian is a classic, I always have it.

Connor: Yeah, you’re into that, I’m the opposite. No.

Tristan: What do you mean? Do you not like pineapple?

Connor: No, I love pineapple but not on a pizza.

Tristan: Pineapple pen?

Connor: I love pineapple pen, yeah!

Tristan: Do you like the ham?

Connor: I like the ham on pizza but no pineapple. I don’t think it should be cooked.

Tristan: But it’s so nice and refreshing!

Connor: It’s like a wet fruit, who’s cooking a wet fruit?

Tristan: That question is controversial!

You guys go on tour a lot so what do you prefer, the writing, recording or touring?

Tristan: Just everything, all of it, give it to me!

Connor: All of it at the same time. On tour, we go into studios and write as well whilst we’re there so it’s good.

Tristan: It’s all about the big nights as well, different countries.

Are you doing any festivals this summer?

Tristan: We’re doing our own American tour over the summer and then some festivals so we’re doing Fusion and a couple of other ones around the world.

Are you going to any concerts that aren’t your own?

Tristan: We go all the time, we try and make it to stuff don’t we?

Connor: Me and Tris went to Bring Me The Horizon, You Me At Six, I went to All Time Low not that long ago. It was amazing, really good, they smashed it!

Is there anyone you want to see in concert who you haven’t already?

Tristan: Post Malone

Connor: Yeah, he’s good!

Tristan: He’s different that’s why I like him, and he’s a super, super honest dude as well. If you see his interviews, he says it how it is.

The Vamps then left this message for the CelebMix readers:

The Vamps’ new album is available from 13th July 2018 so make sure to pre-order it here and keep your eyes peeled for more from The Vamps on CelebMix.

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Written by Evie Hewitt

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