EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Chelsea Wood

26 Year old Chelsea Wood, is a singer/songwriter from South Shields.

Chelsea is the manager of the band, The Waiters, and also CBBC star Richard Wisker, both of who are signed to, Blast Music Group Management.

I caught up with the rising star to chat about her music, her bands music and what she thinks about free music streaming.

Do you write all of your own materiel?

I started writing about a year ago and I love it. I tried a single someone wrote for me and I just had no attachment to it at all. Then I wrote ‘Seventeen Again’ and I love it because it’s my own work. I co write with the songwriter from The Waiters and I help co write their music too.

Do you play any instruments?

I play guitar, that is  something else I picked up a year ago. It makes life so much easier when I’m writing songs.

Describe the sound of The Waiters, Richard Wisker and also your own music in three words?

My Music is Punky, Pop and Fun! The Waiters are Poptastic, Cheeky and Infectious! While Richard Wisker’s sound is Catchy, Soulful and Surprising!

What is your earliest memory of music?

When I was about 3, I used to watch this old video of rock bands. Videos don’t even exist any more! All of my friends would want to watch girly things and I’d put on rock bands! I just loved it, I’d listen to it everyday apparently!

Who is your favourite singer?

Ed Sheeran, he’s not only the hardest working guy in music but he’s also the nicest guy. I met him when The Waiters supported him and he had so much time for us even though his schedule that day was mental! He flew in from France to play the gig, straight after he finished performing he left the stage and flew to Ireland for another gig and then flew back to France to continue with his tour, but he still spent the time to chat with us and give us some advice, he’s a total dude!

What genre of music influences you the most?

Personally I grew up with pop and pop/punk music. McFly, Blink 182, Green day etc. My music is a pretty clear reflection of that. I did once randomly buy a Tom Jones single when it came out though, I’m not sure what that says about me! Now I listen to a really wide genre of music but the majority is pop.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you choose?


Because of the path he’s made for himself probably Ed Sheeran, I just have so much time for the guy! But I’m pretty sure it’s every girls dream to do something with Beyonce right?
If you could work with any producer who would you choose?
It has to be Pharell Williams. He just knows his stuff so well and he writes top 10 singles for fun. From what I’ve read he really cares about the artists he works with which can be hard to come by in this industry!
What is your favourite song at the moment?
I’m in love with ‘Shut Up And Dance’ by Walk The Moon! It’s so catchy! And I also really like ‘Black Magic’ by Little Mix.
Would you rather have a no 1 single or win a BRIT award? 
BRIT award!!
If you could perform at any venue what would you choose?
It’s a little cliché but Madison Square Garden. I love America and I’d love to see one of my acts play there. I am still a total home bird though and cracking the UK will always come first.
What is our opinion on talent shows such as The X Factor?
Personally they’re not for me. I watch the show from time to time and there have been three winners from South Shields where I live. It’s great to see friends go on to have such success,  and they couldn’t have done that without the show. However there are sides to the show that are really controversial and I think I probably stand with them.
Do you think free music streaming is damaging the music industry?
Absolutely! You wouldn’t find supermarkets giving away their products for free and taking a hit. Musicians should be treated the same. Because it’s not a physical product people seem to think it’s okay though. They don’t realise the level of work and money that goes into creating that music and getting it out there.
What would you like to achieve in the next ten years?
The list is endless! But I’m a big believer in progression. So I’d really like to see my acts getting signed and heading out on small UK tours, progressing to Arena tours and finally Stadium tours. America is a big one for me after I went over there for three months a few years ago. I love the place and I’d love to tour there. Awards are an obvious one but a BRIT award would be a proud moment. and I guess for a crazy aim I’d love to play the Half Time show at The Superbowl, that’s a BIG gig but I’m all about aiming high!


You can follow Chelsea on Twitter @ChelseaW_Music


Written by Laura Klonowski

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