EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Elliott Joseph

Eliott Joseph is a fast rising singer/songwriter from the South Coast of England. He has recently released his brand new single ‘A Song For The Summer’ and is gearing up for the release of his debut EP ‘Wild Atlantic Heart’ which will be dropping on August 25th.

Here we speak exclusively to Elliott Joseph to discuss his music, inspirations, future plans and more:

Growing up who inspired your love of music?
To name one artist, band, or writer would be simply the wrong way to go about it. The amount of different stages I went through as a kid, as a teen, and as a young adult meant there were endless inspirations and sources of influences. However, when I was young, I wanted what all younger brothers want, to be like my older brother. My love of the guitar came from him most certainly. Coming from a musical family, it was unavoidable to fall in love with music, whether it was through the regular violin and guitar lessons, or the routine passing down of songs from sibling to sibling. As I grew through my teens, it was the likes of Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Mumford & Sons. In short, anything that meant I could turn my guitar a little louder and get lost in the music.

How would you describe the overall vibe of your own music?
The first words that come to mind are “Genuine, Honest, Energetic and Feel Good”. But I guess that is a matter of opinion and perspective as I hope everyone relates differently. But if I had to choose a style or sound, I’d take a pick at Country, or Americana, with a Celtic Folk Rock undercurrent. It all comes from travelling, life adventures, and the memories I’ve made and am yet to make. When I try to take a listeners perspective, I’ll always stand by honest, and genuine, country, folk, rock, in the vein of a “summer” playlist.

Are there any artists out there at the moment that you are currently being inspired by?
Foy Vance. The guys writing, his vocal, his arrangement, his style, his vision, the way he holds himself. This guy’s music, with ease, has had a huge influence in my music. Switchfoot are always a go to band for me, especially with Jon Foremans style of presenting his songs and their live show as a band. And if we are talking pushing boundaries. NeedToBreathe. Bear Rhinehart’s vocal, their writing, and especially their live show. Its everything a writer and front man needs for inspiration and energy.

Your new single ‘A Song For The Summer’ is out now, can you talk us through the
inspiration behind the track?
A music festival I visited in 2011 had Noah and the Whale headlining their Bigtop stage on the
Sunday evening, in the most beautiful evening sunshine, with 1000 people all squeezed in, it was one of the last big names playing that year, and to this day I can still recall the words, “It might be
September, but we’re still here, and summers not over yet!” ringing down lead singer Charlie’s mic.
A year later, Ben Howard played the very same stage, and with his song Old Pine, gave everyone
the strongest feeling of nostalgia and summer warmth. A year after that whilst working in the States,
Dave Matthews and his band were headlining a show at Alpine Valley concert amphitheater in
Wisconsin on what was a night of great music, and heavy drinking, and summer memories. During
the summers to follow, I have seen the friendships I’ve made, and adventures of summers in the
States and travelling elsewhere, keep on going right into September and even October. Long story
short, this song is about not letting the good times die. Its about making the most of every day of
summer and during the last euphoric evenings, still raising a beer and continuing the fun, the
romance, and the making of memories.

What do you hope listeners take from the song?
I hope they take away a feeling of immediate desire to draw out the most special of moments with the one, or ones they love. And honestly, I hope they feel like they want to  just have a great time, and dance the night away, or take a road trip, or even just step outside and enjoy the sun. The aim is to give them that feeling that the good times are never over. Your reality doesn’t have to be your 9-5 job and a year full of repetitive weeks. Who says taking a holiday for a while, or going travelling, or enjoying the most perfect magical evening is a dream, or “away from reality”. In my mind, getting away from the dull areas of life, is closer to reality then we ever are. “Reality isn’t something you “Get back to”, its something you go find out in the world, outside the office, and treasure. I hope the
song hits home in this way, for anyone listening!

You’re also releasing your EP ‘Wild At Atlantic Heart’ on the 25th, what can fans expect
from the record?
I am indeed. They can expect an EP that is filled with honest stories, upbeat, feel good
numbers, and stories that will inspire and make their minds wander to the adventures they
want to take. This EP is all about the many facets of life, but three things ring clearly throughout all five songs. The “Wild” wanderings of travel, and the adventures I have been lucky enough to partake in during my late teens and early 20s. From the USA and its National Parks, to Ireland and its western coastlines, villages and traditions. From the many countries of Europe, to the hills and mountains across Northern England and Scotland. The bridge over “Atlantic” that has formed in my influences, due to my English, Irish, and Scottish heritage, mixing with my love for the USA and Country music. The movements of emotion, and changes of romance and the “Heart”, that I have been through over the last few years.

Are you planning on touring your new music?
In due time. Yes. Without a doubt. However currently, I am loving the reception even my
new single “A Song For The Summer” has received, and the reception I know/hope, the new
EP will also receive. Its been amazing creating this brand new record me and my band are
all so proud of, and working on it with Neil Elliott and co, at the Old Blacksmiths Studio
near my hometown, was easily my top favourite production and creative processes. I am
so stoked for the launch on the 26th of August, and then after that, simply put, I cant wait
to take these songs onto the stage a truly rock them live. The live show and performing is
what I live for. So a tour would definitely be on the list in the future. But at the moment, its
all about the next live shows, the next record, and building up towards festivals next

Can we expect a full length album from you soon?
An album will always be on the agenda, it is inevitable it will happen, however, when that
will be, only time will tell. I have loved writing, recording, and playing the “Wild Atlantic
Heart” EP, and it certainly feels like a glimpse into the future, and possibly a precursor to a
an even bigger step! We shall see.

What are your long term career goals?
I love music, and I love writing to inspire and to perform. I love leading a band and I truly
find myself in the live show. Whatever my mind set, I always find myself centred the
moment I step on stage. So to continue playing, and in the future touring, is my goal. That
and to create longevity with my career, as a writer, and a performer. Bring it on.

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