EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Glen Templeton

Glen Templeton is an exciting Country artist whose recent single ‘Hip To Be Country’  landed in the Top 10 on the Billboard Texas Regional Radio Report.

Here we speak exclusively to Glen Templeton to discuss his latest release, musical inspirations, future plans and more:

Growing up who inspired your love of Country Music?

 Growing up in south Alabama, I was influenced by so many of the country greats like Haggard, Jones, Waylon and Hank Jr. But above all, the first and major country music influence was my Dad. As a kid, I’d always hear stories about his performances and about how much people were moved with what he brought to our community through music. When I actually heard some of my dad’s first recordings, they were unique and exciting to hear. So then early on there was always the question of ‘how far did the apple fall from the tree?’ Turns out not too far. 

Can you pinpoint the exact moment you decided to pursue music as a career?

I remember the pivotal point in my life that prompted the idea of pursuing a career was the first time I sang in church. The idea began to grow from there. However, the actual journey was not an exact moment. It began with countless, short lived occupations that started to stand in the way of my late open mic night contests along with karaoke and local clubs where I’d go sit in with the bands throughout the week. Along the way, they began to put more money in my pocket than I earned at any of the day jobs, which were a drag compared to the excitement of the nightlife. It was obvious I was putting music and the lifestyle before any other occupation, and it was paying off. So at the point where I was obviously putting music first, I felt like country music chose me. 

Who are your all time musical heroes?

My musical heroes just to name a few were first my Dad along with names like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr. and the great Conway Twitty. These names are the first that come to mind when I think of signatures and icons that are what I consider the staples in the heart of country music.  

What’s your earliest musical memory?

The first thing that comes to mind as my first musical memory is the Thanksgiving gathering when my Dad, my Uncle Jim, Mom and a few other family members picked up their instruments, chimed in and began to sing some old classic country tunes and a few favorite gospel hymns like “I’ll Fly Away” and “Old Rugged Cross.” 

Can you remember the first song you wrote?

The first song I ever wrote came after I’d made the move to Nashville. It was a song that related to my southern backroad upbringing. The name of the song was “Country Boys For Life.” 

Your new single Hip To Be Country is out now, what inspired the track?

he inspiration for “Hip To Be Country” came from a blend of my musical inspirations vs. where music is today. I was trying to find a happy medium between the two while bringing a fresh approach to the idea of being “hip’ and being “country,” so there it was “Hip to be Country.” 

The song has landed in the Top 10 on Billboard Texas Regional Radio Report, how excited are you by the reaction? 

I believe that I’m as much or more grateful as I am excited. When I take a look at all of those who’ve been so dedicated and involved in the success of this song like the radio stations, the promoters, sponsors and the hierarchy of musicians, engineers and all of the fans who just continue to believe, my list of gratitude grows along with my excitement for all who are involved. Everybody just continues to move this entire machine forward with a never give up attitude. 

What do you hope fans take from the song?

Whether it be the first time they may have hopped a train with a wannabe outlaw attitude, the first time they struck up a conversation and felt the down-home feeling of the simple life, or how cool and refreshing it felt to be as free as the breeze in their first car, I hope fans can reflect on the time or times in their lives when they felt the best about where they were in life perhaps on an old country road where they knew without a doubt it was hip to be country.

Can we expect an album and tour from you soon? 

Thankfully there is always an album in the making and a tour being prepped. The dedicated and loyal fans continue to say yes, and with that I continue to have a career. I’m always writing and looking for the next groove or lyric for a song that will set the tone for next year’s tour.

What are your long term career goals? 

My long term goals include being on a major tour with other artists, continuing to write and record music that keeps my fan base wanting more, maybe even some collaborations and always modifying the vehicle that creates more for the fans of country music!

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