Exclusive: Interview With Joe Conaboy

Meet Joe Conaboy, the 21 year old singer songwriter from Rugby.  You might recognise him from his time in boyband Kingsland Road, who became known after reaching the X Factor live shows. The band released their debut album We Are The Young which was self-produced through crowd funding music platform Pledge Music and had two headline tours across the UK. After a great three year run, the band decided to go their separate ways earlier this year.

Joe is now carving out his own solo career, with his music taking on a slightly rockier edge. He recently performed a five day slot for Showcase Live at Thorpe Park and also supported American band IM5 in London.

With his first headline show looming, CelebMix caught up with Joe to talk about his inspirations, jamming to the Bee Gees and writing songs in the nude!!

Having been in a boyband for the past three years, how are you finding life as a solo artist? 
I’m finding it refreshingly relaxing ;) I mean, don’t get me wrong I love the lads and loved the band but being on your own is a lot more easy going. It’s a lot harder on the nerves though as you don’t have your ‘non biological’ brothers geeing you up. No one really has your back so you have the added pressure of having to rely on yourself but yeah I’m really enjoying it!

How would you describe your music?
I couldn’t describe my music right now, I don’t want to pigeon hole myself before releasing my first song ;) I mean my taste in music does vary a lot! One day I could be writing a rock ballad, the next a ‘jump up and down’ Indie pop song. I think nowadays people are so focused on labelling their sound that they block themselves from really honing in on what THEY want to write – instead they end up worrying about what labels want them to write.

What is your first memory of music? 
At Christmas when I was younger my family would play ‘guess the record’ with my mum’s vinyls!! I remember buying my first ever CDs at a car boot sale I got dragged along to! I think they were by Plain White T’s,  My Chemical Romance, R Kelly and Feeder!!

What inspires you when writing your own music?
I think it’s my experiences, it’s a good outlet. I mean it’s not something I’ve ever touched on but on occasion I have severe anxiety and other issues which song writing really helps with. I’ve been completely naked* and in my bathroom whilst writing my last two songs…(*’boxers naked’ – not fully, that would just be weird!)

What’s been your craziest fan experience?
Having fans is my craziest fan experience haha!!

What would be your dream venue to perform at?
You know what….the Colosseum in Italy! Maybe Wembley? Madison Square Garden… There’s a lot of them haha

If you could support anyone on tour, who would it be and why?
Ummmm I’d LOVE to support the 1975. They’re wicked, love the music. I think they’re a tad too cool for me though. I’m sure we’d have an interesting chat over a pint!

What is your most played song on your iPod?
Right now? Drake’s ‘Take Care‘ album is probably my favourite album ever. That tends to be on repeat…it’s good ‘early morning’ music.

What is your favourite shower/karaoke song?
My favourite shower song is deffo ‘Staying Alive‘ by the Bee Gees!

What famous song do you wish that you had written?
I wish I’d written ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ from the ‘Rocky’ films…. The motivational value is intense. Every time I watch a Rocky film or that song is on repeat in the gym I become a boxer momentarily!

Tell us something not many people know about you.
I’m actually a thirty year old German guy….. *sniggers*

Where would you like to see yourself in five years time?
I’d love to be touring the world, that’s the goal right? A different day, a different city!

Thank you to Joe for this time! You can find him on TwitterFacebook and YouTube.

Want to see Joe live? Come and see him perform his first headline show in The Garage, London on November 8th. Tickets available here.

Check out Joe’s cover of Move Together by James Bay below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eMP7BBLI_s]

Written by Katrina Rees

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