EXCLUSIVE: Interview With NateWantsToBattle

NateWantsToBattle AKA Nathan Sharp has recently returned with his brand new album ‘Paid In Exposure’.The new record has been a huge success so far Peaking at number 3 On iTunes Alternative and at number 16 On iTunes Overall Charts.

Here we speak exclusively to NateWantsToBattle to discuss his latest release, musical inspirations, future plans and more:

Growing up who inspired your love of music?

I had been playing music pretty much my whole life. When I was young I was put in front of a piano and eventually that became all I really knew. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I really got an appreciation for songwriting and performing when I saw Green Day live and it completely changed my life. Seeing so many people coming together and singing these songs at the top of their lungs was one of the most inspiring nights of my life. It was a very “That! I want to do that!” moment.

Do you feel your own taste in music has shaped your own musical output?

Absolutely. Like most, I had a lot of phases where I obsessed with a lot of different styles of music. I started listening to a lot of punk and ska (The Casualties, Op Ivy, Distillers) which made its way into poppy rock (Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco) which transitioned me into a lot of post-hardcore bands and the taste was constantly evolving. I feel all elements of a lot of alternative rock bands have each had a heavy hand in my writing as you can find elements from each. Poppy melodies, breakdowns, lots of brass and orchestral, so on and so on.

How would you describe the overall vibe of your music?

I’ve been told it’s somewhere in the middle of FOB and PATD with a hint of MCR so I usually just go with that.

What inspired your latest release ‘Paid In Exposure’?

One of the most emotionally intense years of my life. I had a roller coaster of feels over the past year to year and a half between relationships, friendships, starting touring, delving deeper into the industry side of things, and leaving my bubble of a comfort zone and getting to know who I am when push comes to shove and I’m not just coasting.

What response have you been getting to your album since its release?

I have a very sweet and unique fanbase that, for the most part, just want to hear music from me. A lot of people who listen to NWTB didn’t really grow up in any kind of band scene, but are the next generation that focus on internet content. As a result, they’re not too specific with their taste. They don’t expect ONE particular thing from a creator. If anything it’s the opposite. They want variety. They challenge my creativity and as a result I get to experiment with my sound and have a lot of fun and freedom poking at different genres. I think the only way I could have really thrown them off is if I put out a grindcore album and even then I’d think they’d give it a shot haha.

What do you hope fans take from your new record?

That it’s okay to feel how you feel. A big theme with the new record, especially the first single (“Take Me Anywhere”), is about acknowledging how you feel and not hiding it. You can bottle up your pain for so long before it catches up to you and in a big bad way. The best thing you can do is be open and honest with yourself and then figure out the right path to take from there. If you’re hurting, reach out for help. People want to help and the first big step is opening up before you break down.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?

Yes! We just announced leg 1 of the Paid In Exposure tour with myself headlining and my buddy Zach Callison (Voice actor from Steven Universe and songwriter) as support. We’re starting with Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, Burnsville, Denver, Seattle and Portland with a couple more legs to be announced in the coming weeks.


What are your long term career goals?

To keep doing what I’m doing but just a little bigger and better each time. Whether you’re doing something creative, artistic, anything. People say “live your best life” or “be the best version of yourself” but that’s way too much pressure. Take the steps you need to take to do a little bit better every day. I’m trying to do that with my career. Progress and grow at a rate that won’t wreck me emotionally, haha.

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