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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Nick Tangorra

Nick Tangorra is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter who also produces. His last single, “Boo Hoo” has gained over 28 million streams across streaming platforms and his fan base “FANgorras” are an active and ever growing presence on social media. Tangorra has opened for acts such as Shawn Mendes, 5th Harmony, Meghan Trainor and others as well as being apart of MAGCON and Digi-Fest. Currently, Tangorra is on the Boys of Summer tour, which just made it’s first East coast city stop in Boston. CelebMix had the chance to talk with Tangorra in Boston.

Your single, “Let Me Live,” was just released earlier this summer, what’s the message behind that song?

The message behind that, for me is, when I wrote that song, I wrote it with two incredible songwriters, Noby Sidez and Kiz. That was a time when all of us were going through a mutual feeling of just being tired, of being held down and told what to do, told how to act, the whole concept of it, for me, it was one of those liberating songs where I’m going to be me and and I’m going to do me, I’m going to go out there and be myself and I’m going to release the music I want to release and I’m going to be the artist I want to be. We made it in a relatable sense to people about spending their life and going out and enjoying it, maybe that’s partying and maybe being held back by your girlfriend or your mom telling you “oh my gosh don’t have too much fun tonight!” That’s essentially the message of the song.

Do you have any more music coming soon?

Yes I do. The past three years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio writing. You’ll notice that in the past few years I’ve only released three songs, due to things behind the scenes, but I have 60 songs just waiting to get released, finished, produced, mastered, mixed, everything.

You post a lot of covers, how do you decide what songs that you’re going to cover?

A lot of it is solely based on people requesting songs. Since I’ve been posting since February 1st, which was when I started aggressively posting every single day, you run out of songs pretty quick at that point. For me, I started turning to my followers and I was asking what songs do you want to hear? I was sitting downstairs with my brother, he was on the piano, and I’m like lets try it and if it sounds like crap, it didn’t make it to Instagram.

What are you most excited for the Boys of Summer Tour?

I’m really excited, it’s the first stop for me. Tomorrow is my hometown back on Long Island, then after that is Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, it’s like a vacation, I get to do what I love with my best friend, my brother, my guitarist, I love it.

Who are some of your inspirations?

I would say artists like Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake. To watch their live shows, to listen to their voices, the way that they just tell stories with their voices is just out of this world. So, I’ve always been so inspired by them. I’m also inspired by life, by the people that surround me, my family, my friends, everything inspires me to be who I am and to do what I do and to keep going.

Who is your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would be Britney Spears, because nothing she does is bad, I mean literally she’s perfect. I just saw her show at Radio City, 11th row, I died and I don’t toss the phase around, I literally dropped dead. Sitting in the seat and I’m trying to play it all cool, calm collective, and then you just hear, “You wanna?” and I was like “yes!! I wanna work btch” and then she comes out and she says “It’s” and we all scream “who is it?!?!” and she goes “It’s Britney Btch!” I dropped the phone, I have the whole video, I was a mess, I was a sweaty mess. Best experience of my life.

With summer almost over, what is one thing you want to accomplish before it ends?

Maybe go to another water park. One thing I want to do before the summer ends is I want to do another out door performance, whether that’s a full on show or a little pop up performance, whatever, I love performing outside because that’s when you can really see that I have a tan.

Listen to “Let Me Live” by clicking here!

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Written by Will Heffernan