EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rising Country Trio Renata

Renata are a fast rising American Country/Rock trio consisting of siblings Collin (19), Adrienne (16) and Benny (13). Despite their young ages, the talented band are no strangers to the music business, having toured full time for the past 8 years.

They are currently living in Nashville, TN,and recently recorded and released their latest single ‘Forever + A Day’.

Here we speak exclusively to Renata to discuss their music, sibling dynamic, future plans, and more:

Growing up who inspired your love of music? 
Definitely our Mom and Dad. They both come from musical backgrounds and showed us from a very early age that making music is super fun and something we can do together. They’re always very encouraging.  

Can you remember the first time you performed as a trio? 
Yes! Well, all of us as a family with our Mom and Dad, we are finishing up our 8th year playing full time. As a trio though, it was actually at the 2017 Florida State Fair. We had been performing there as a whole family, and due to certain circumstances, our dad wasn’t able to be at a show one evening. Our booking agent had suggested maybe we try an acoustic trio show that night instead. After finishing that show, we knew we had really found something special.

How do your parents feel about you all being in a band together? 
100% supportive. All the way. They’re so happy and they always remind us of how proud they are. Their support means the world to us.

How would you describe your overall sound to new listeners? 
We call ourselves Country/Rock. A sound we have developed over years of singing together. Built around our sibling 3-part harmony, we try to deliver an organic but yet driving sound. We are heavily inspired by groups like The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town and Sugarland.

How do you feel the sibling dynamic works when creating new music? 
It really helps a lot. We’ve played together for so long that we’re able to communicate with each other onstage and in the studio just through the music. Its almost like we know what each other is thinking! 

Your new single’Forever + A Day’ is out now, what inspired the track? 
There wasn’t really a certain time in particular that inspired the song. Longing for ‘Forever and A Day’ is something that a lot of people can relate to. Whether it be with with another person, or even with your dog ;) It’s the feeling of knowing love without an end. 

What do you hope fans take from the song? 
When people listen to this song we hope that they can apply it so some particular experience they have had. Even if they haven’t experienced this first hand, it’s a beautiful story that could give someone hope if they’re feeling down about where they are.

Can we expect an album and or tour from you soon? 
Yes! We’re just wrapping up our 2018 summer tour and will be headed back to Nashville soon. We have a full winter of more writing planned so we’ll hopefully see some new original music in the next year. Another busy year of touring too! Lots of fairs and festival dates that will be announced soon. We always try and have shows in Nashville when we’re around there as well. Those are usually booked very last minute so be sure and watch our social media pages for that. Speaking of new original music, you never know what you’ll hear at a live show either ;) 

How did your move to Nashville come about? 
We’ve always loved Nashville. We knew that if we seriously wanted to consider touring, writing and recording as a trio, we had to go to where all of that was happening. Growing up in Branson, MO was a great thing. It’s musically such a diverse place and lots of great people. We’re so excited though for this new, next chapter. 

Looking ahead what are your long term career goals? 
We have always wanted to play the Grand Ole Opry. Getting to stand on that stage and share our music is a true dream we all share. Its a long road to get there, but its very exciting to think about!  
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Written by Laura Klonowski

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