EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Sellah

Sellah is an unsigned 25 year old Californian born Soul/Hip Hop and RnB singer who is currently trying to take over the world with his unique sound.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the man himself to get to know him a bit better and gain some exposure for his music.

You were born in California but where did you grow up?

I grew up all around the world, due to my father’s job. We moved over thirty times by the time I was eighteen. I oddly do not have a “hometown”
Do you have a dream holiday destination?
There are way too many amazing places in this world to claim just one as my dream holiday. I am recently getting a lot of support from Turkey though. I cannot wait to see everyone out there for showing me this much amazing love.
You sing lots of types of music what genre do you prefer to sing?
I love blending the sounds of hip hop, RnB, soul and more. I rather not stick to any genres. My main focus now, is simply creating timeless music. Music that soothes the soul, leaving everyone with a warm feeling and touch of motivation/inspiration. 
When did you first realize you could sing/rap?
I secretly started music at the age of twelve, but the confidence to do this publicly rose about four years ago, while in Cape Town, South Africa.
Africa is truly magical and gave me the final push to pursue music professionally. 
Have you always enjoyed performing?
My first performances were in big music festivals in Africa. It was a bit overwhelming 
because I was not an artist who started off performing in bars or smaller venues. Rolling Stone Magazine and GQ Magazine in South Africa promoted my first shows, filled with hundreds of people. Currently, I am focusing all of my energy on perfecting my sounds and the messages that I want to give out to the world. I do miss being on stage. Nothing can replace that feeling. Cannot wait to be back at it! This industry takes a lot of dedication and patience.
If you wasn’t singing what would you be doing?
The entertainment industry in whole is my life. If I am not doing music, I am either acting, photographing top models/personal clientèle, developing models, creative directing or editing.
Have you collaborated with anyone?
My main and recent collaboration is with my new and official producer, Maxzwell from Vienna, Austria. There are a few artist who will be on my new EP, but I do not want to reveal their names just yet. I like working with newer talent as myself. This ensures the trust and loyalty as we progress together in our individual careers. I have some great collaborations coming up!.
So do you have any celeb mates?
I prefer not to name drop, but there are a few people that I am close with, who are pretty popular in their fields!.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

I rather turn dreams into goals. With thus being said, I cannot wait to work with Pharrell Williams!.

Would you consider entering a talent show like The X Factor? 
At this point in my career, I do not see myself entering any shows, but I am very opened minded and I do appreciate these kind of shows.
Where would be your dream venue to perform?
I feel every music artist’s dream/goal should be performing at the Madison Square Garden!.

Would you rather have a number one single or number one album?

Number one album, with number one singles in it.

What are your plans for the future?
I believe the future is NOW and I am working extremely hard to build my Empire. 
Sellah not only represents my music, but Sellah also embodies everything raw, spiritual and true. Sellah is all about freedom and never giving up. Sellah means weapon, to stop and listen. Sellah is a brand/lifestyle and my goal is to have the whole world living through this movement. #SellahNation = Free World #livefree.
In ten years time what do you hope to have achieved? 
Just to be happy, with no issues, doing exactly what I love and helping others to become exactly what they desire.

Written by Laura Klonowski

Qualified music journalist! Writing single/album/live reviews, feature articles, interviews, and news pieces.
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