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Shaelyn Avalon looks up to female artists including Taylor Swift and Madison Beer. She hopes to be a ray of sunshine for young girls who could help them overcome their problems. Music has been one and only dream for Avalon and she is doing everything to make it come true. Recently, the singer released her single “Seventeen”. CelebMix talked to her about the single and her plans for the future. Check out the complete interview below:

How did your journey as an artist begin?

I always loved singing and performing on a stage. I did a lot of kids community theater and caught the bug early on. Growing up I was heavily influenced by pop culture and was encouraged to follow my dreams by vocal teachers and directors of plays I had been in. Singing makes me happier than anything else so I kept pushing for every opportunity I could get to share that with people. My family realized around my early teens that I was not going to budge and you so I started a YouTube channel and began posting covers!

Would you like to share with us some of your biggest moments or achievements?

I think one of my biggest achievements to date is the EP. All the songs on there are self written so I’m very close to the material. To share my experiences in dating and just life in general in such a vulnerable way has made me feel closer to my audience. I’m so happy that people are loving something that I only dreamed of creating when I was younger!

How do you perceive music? Also, how involved are you in the creative process behind creation and production of your songs?

I like to think of music as my own little world. Immersing myself in a playlist I just created or coming up with new song ideas and nurturing them as my little secrets till they come out is so cool. I like to be really involved in the production of my music, as well as the writing aspect. I’ll usually show a producer what I’m loving or bounce ideas back and forth for what I want the instrumental to sound like. At the end of the day it’s all about making something that both my fans and myself will genuinely vibe to.

Do you have any idol who you look up to in terms of music?

Yes! Of course! My biggest idol is definitely Taylor Swift. I love her and think that everything she puts out is great. Her music has helped me through boy problems and also made me feel really empowered, which is something I hope to do for young girls.

We checked out your covers on YouTube and loved them. What are the kinds of genres and styles you like to experiment with or would love to experiment with?

I would really love to experiment with more electropop. Madison Beer is one of my favorite artists and she uses a vocoder in her song called “Fools” which gets me so hyped everytime I listen! I’d also like to try some synth pop like Poppy. I think her style is so unique and quirky and I’ve never heard anything like it.

Congratulations on “Seventeen”. Please tell us a bit about the single.

Thanks so much! Seventeen is really about internal reflection. As with a lot of the songs I write it’s very nostalgic. I tend to live in my head a lot so I wind up looking at a situation from a lot of different angles. It’s about letting go and seeing what happens after taking a break from the dating scene.

The song offers an interesting aspect on “mistakes”, making it a part of one’s exploration of love. What inspired you to create “Seventeen”?

I had been through a pretty rough breakup before writing this, time passed and I started dating again. It was basically me looking at the situation at hand and making the best of it. Letting yourself fall again for someone entirely new with entirely new quirks and personality traits is so poetic to me. At the same time, not everyone is going to be the right fit for you so you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Sometimes that means kissing a few frogs before you find your “prince” so to speak. Had I not gone through what I did I would not have learned what I want and what I don’t want in a person. It made me stronger and happier with myself.

It’s been a few months since the song released. How has been the response so far?

The response has been really good lately! Better than I would have expected for my first project. I’m independent right now so I’m super proud any time I get a DM from a fan or someone new discovers my music and finds a song they relate to. It’s still mind blowing to me, these songs started out in my head as just ideas that I would hum to myself and the fact that now people are listening to and enjoying “Seventeen” makes me proud both as a singer and a songwriter.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavours?

I definitely want to keep making music, there’s no doubt about that. I love fashion and how, like my playlists, it makes me feel confident and ready to take on the world. Collaborating with a brand that really fits the vibe of female empowerment and the tone of my music would be ideal. Putting out a full length album and touring has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. That is at the top of my bucket list.

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